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What next?

Just finished my second course of steroids in a month and still on Seretide 500 twice a day. Symptoms improved dramatically during this course of preds, my pf increased to 430, the best for months. Now that they are finished it has dropped back to 280 - 300. My GP said I was not reacting normally to asthma treatment and sent me for a chest xray that I had on friday. I have to go back to gp for results next week but I am wondering what he might suggest now. I have at last returned to work this week and it has been great to be back instead of feeling miserable at home but I have been completely exhausted every night. I was really hoping that the preds would finally knock this on the head but it just feels that my lungs are never going to be normal again.

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Sorry ur asthma not behaving all I can say is hang in there and try to remain positive. I know it's hard at times. This week for the first time in ages my lung function was upto 50% and inflamatory markers down. Small improvemnts comes before the bigger ones. Sometimes it's hard to see the slight improvements. When we are looking for bigger signs of improvement. Take care


Hang in there, like Gussypoo said, small improvements. Don't forget we've had the coldest and longest winter for years, and two courses of pred. Wait for the x-ray results and don't worry in the meantime, that'll only make your asthma worse. maybe you do need something else, but until xray comes back anyones guess. Has doc suggested taking a couple of puffs of ventolin 10-15mins before the seretide, that will open up the airways first and give you maximum benefit. Not something you normally do but when things take a downward spiral is an option worth trying.


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