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Skin Test

I'm new here. My 21 months old daughter has asthma, and has been bad with it over the recent months. Both me and my otherhalf had it as children, he alot worse than me, spending a lot of he's childhood in hospital.

Anyway my MIL has offered to pay for my daughter to have a skin test to find out the triggers of her asthma so we could control it.

Anyone know how i go about finding here i can have this done, or to even recommend somewhere. I live just outside brighton, in East Sussex.


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Your GP should be able to recommend somewhere they may even refer you daughter for the test on NHS so I'd start with your GP!

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skin prick tests tend to be one of the things that are done when the asthma is being investigated, my son got his at around the same age as your daughter is now so it would be a good idea to speak to your GP or asthma nurse about it before paying for it privately.


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