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air purifiers

has anyone any experience of using air purifiers?

the smoke comes up into my flat from the flat below, as my new neighbour seems to be a smoker, and I have become more and more sensitive to cigaret smoke over the years (to my frustration)

there are products on the market that promise to 'clean' the air - through water - has anyone used them? Can you recomend?


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At the moment my daughter has an air purifier in her room as part of a trial from Great Ormond Street.There is no smoke in the house at all . her symptoms haven't changed at all and we have had it for around 2 weeks.we are on a strict cleaning , dusting and airing the room plan at the moment as part of this trial . If anything her symptoms have worsened and her oxygen has been turned up during the night. As i have never used one of these before I wouldn't know how beneficial these are , but as you have smoke coming into your house it may be worth a try . Nikki


Hi Zebra

Not had any experience of household air purifiers but I have a personal one (that hangs round my neck) which I use when out shopping or when it is possible I could come across smoke. It is very good. I would think that if that works then one in the house may well help.




good to read your replys folk - can you post me any details of the personal air purifier you mention?


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