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First time to A & E

Well that was an exciting Sat night, I luckily called 999 before a major car crash happened at end of our road. I had my first Neb at home by ambo's then as that didn't help much they took me in, which followed oxygen & another neb.

They gave me Salbutamol & another 1 which was a lot better - no shakes.

Am now starting my gluey chest infection - nice.

My husband thought I was over reacting so I had to call 999 myself !! Glad I did.

Does anyone know what the other reliver is called?



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Not 100% sure but it could of been atrovent or bricanyl.


Thanks very much, Kerry-anne !


I would say that it is more likely Atrovent. This reliever is longer acting. There is also an interesting point about this little story. Even mild asthmatics can easliy get caught out. So anyone who feels worse than normal, don't ignore it. Family for god's sake listen, if that person says they need help don't ignore them get them to A and E immediately. Better a live asthmatic than a dead one.


Hi Katina, yep feeling better now (asthma wise) just trying to get rid of my chest infection now !! I have to admit I was quite glad they took me to hosp cos I still felt rough & hopefully it 'proved a point' to hubby. I think it was making me worse because he was so calm & I knew something wasn't right.

Nice to know I'm not alone.

Thanks a lot,



Hi I'm new on here.

Had my 1st attack 2 weeks go followed by another attack a week after this time i eneded up in hospital its just a bit of reasuurance i'm hoping for as my chest is not as tight but the more i do the wheezer i get and i still feel exhausted i have been off work for nearly 3 weeks and really don't think i will be able to manage going back on monday i feel as if i'm going crazy and i'm really hoping that someone will tell me this is normal!!!!



I am guessing this is normal as I have been off work since the last week of May with my asthma and I am climbing the walls but thats because when I had the first asthma attack in May I never rested and tried to get back to rushing around, but my asthma nurse told me that after an attack you should rest for a few days...

So now I am learning to rest after them.


I was a carer for 15 years and had alot of time off due to attacks. My consultant said to me enough is enough now and put me on sick so I have been on sick 2 years now yes it can be boring but whats more important your health or your job. Thats how I see it so dont try to rush back to work until your 100% over your attack its not worth it. take care all xxxxxxxx


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