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bad reaction

hi just posted in the wrong place any way had a really bad reaction to somethging last night dont no whst got through it with my eppi pen and steroids but was goin to calla n a ambulance any way shortness of breath and my tounge swelled up problem is dont no what caused it didt take anything different had some vul au vents no fish or any thing at my wits end to no what caused it and what sort of time delay would there be before i had symptoms ama bad asthmitic. any help great??

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hi hudson

sorry you had a nasty reaction ,

sometimes with food its not whats in them but more what has come in contact with the food

before you have eaten it.

Good job you had a pen.

A Little investigating might be needed to help find the trigger.

Good luck and glad you are ok now and hope your asthma is ok this weather x

love Glynis xxx

if your on your own ring 999 as soon as you start to feel bad xxx


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