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I have a six year old daughter who has brittle asthma. she was rushed into hospital last month with an asthma attack. we are new to the world of asthma as she was only diagnosed in the beginning of March. she has become poorly. she was fine yesterday until the evening. she started coughing and runny nose etc then a sore throat. she takes the following meds. 2 puffs morning and night seretide, 1 tablet montel something or other and then we have since 4.30pm yesterday been giving her 4 puffs blue inhaler every four hours (told to do that by the hospital after last attack). Night-time is coming and my husband and I are getting concerned that she is wheezy and the cough is not going. Can you advise what to do, as we do not want to waste valuable medical professionals time if not needed. Just a worried parent. Thanks.

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If she is still wheezy even with all her meds I would get her checked by the out of hours docs. It sounds as though she has a cold that is causing her asthma to be triggered. Don't worry about wasting doctor's time, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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