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Is it normal?


Ok reletively new to asthma (problems with diagnosis) but officially just over a year now. I'm a brownie leader and i know others with asthma and i'm great with them but I cant quite seem to accept my own, so I have a few problems that I kinda wanted to find out if it was normal or if I needed to speak to my doc or asthma nurse.

1. When your taking your reliever inhaler if its really bad is it normal to struggle to hold your breath long enough?

2. What would help this?

3. Is it normal to feel really tired after an attack when its all calmed down?

Sorry if these are daft questions but things can be so complicated especially when I go see nurses, I dont have much faith since the fproblems with it being diagnosed and I dont know anyone else who's had it long enough to ask

Thanks for any help at all.


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Not daft questions at all, from my experience when in the middle of an attack and taking your reliever its totally normal to struggle to hold your breath...this is where volumatics/spacers really help, if you havent already got one ask for one. They are also excellent for minimising thrush and sore throat associated with taking the preventers.

And yes after a full blown asthma attack I'm exhausted, ribs can ache, headache and feeling shaky are all par for the course with me


HI cazzy,

Do you use a spacer so instead of one big breath you can take a few?

Love glynis xxx


i get all of those, i either use a spacer or just do the best i can holding my breath coz i find it hard to coordinate when im having an attack so use and easybreathe inhaler so cant use a spacer with that. im usually very tired the day after an attack and my ribs ache loads, when i have long bad patches i loose quite a bit of weight too. not stupid questions, its complicated to get your head round at first!



No I don't use a spacer I was wondering whether to ask my doc cause I'm seeing him in a couple of weeks cause I have a couple of other health issues too. But I didnt know if adults could use spacers too or if it was just kids.

When I'm taking my inhaler sometimes its fine but other times I cant breath in very deep or I have problems holding my breath so it makes it harder to settle things I wasnt sure if it as just me tho so I really appreciate hearing what goes on with you guys too.

Thanks Again


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