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Silly Sinuses.... any advice?

I have posted about this before, but i have honestly no idea what to do now!?

My sinuses are completely blocked and it hurts so much, and i cant breathe through my nose at all. Thus i cant sleep... I have no idea whats causing it. I dont have a cold, and there is nothing unusual in my environment. Its just there... Aaah! Any ideas on what i can do? or what may cause it if it is not a cold, or allergies (at least i dont think it is allergies)? I have tried everything available at my house (nasal sprays, hot steem, ""sniffing"" minty stuff thats supposed to be good for your nose and eyes if you have a cold (which i dont, but still...)). It is driving me mad!

Cheers everyone!

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Sudafed (the normal tablets - not Extra or spray or any of the later variations) works well for me. Even worked on getting my ears working again a few weeks back. Everything else was clear - just nose and ears dis-functional.

I also swear by salt-water gargling as a cure/prevention for everything. It's like acupuncture (ie it does everything) but cheaper!




I find sniffing warm salt water up my nose helps. It's nasty to start with, but you get used to it and it works.



If you have the heating on it could be drying out the nasal passages and causing irritation. Keep the rooms ventilated best you can and put a small bowl or cup of water to keep a little moisture in the air.

Olbas oil is good on a tissue by your bed.

I recently found chocolate was the cause of my problems so cut it out totally for a while. Dairy products can cause problems like you are having but I would not reccomend cutting them out before seeking medical advice


May be worth going to dr's if continues or if pain bad, sinus infections may need antibiotics.


I have suffered with this for years at nite ur nasel passages naturally swell but in some people this can be exaggerated thus causing nasty symptoms ur experiencing. My only option used tobe 6mthy surgery to freeze back! Not nice! But now i found old friend olbas oil! Swear by it! At nite few drops on pillow works a treat x good luck. Andrea x


Have you considered reflexology? I was highly skeptical of it, but a friend was doing a course a few years ago & needed a guinea pig. I'd been having sinus problems for a while & tried various things for it. I very nearly kicked her in the face when she got to the relevant place on my foot, the pain was incredible! It worked wonders though, my problems cleared up almost immediatly & I've had nothing worse than a slight blockage from a heavy cold since.



I hope you are feeling better.

I had a similar problem with a nasal drip and was given a dexa rhina spray which helped enormously and have to use whenever it starts due to allergy. You may have have used this one though?

Hope this helps.



Hi! Thank you for all your replies =) I have tried countless things that do not require prescription meds now but it hasnt exactly made wonders to me yet. I am on steroid nasal spray and have been for years, along with antihistamines, but htey dont really make any difference and I have told my GP that but he jsut tells me to keep on taking it. I have also been on numerous courses of antibiotics with no effect either. I think my sinuses are imune to everything that supposed to make them better. I am going to go see my GP once I have some free time on my hand before closing time. I really appreciate your replies and all your suggestions. My sinuses are still silly and I am having trouble sleeping at night which is sooooo annoying. Thank you for all your advice :) Some friends of ours (not in england) had this horn thing which they flushed their sinuses with which apparently helped. Has anyone tried that? or does anyone know what it is called? I would like to try that too.

Cheers =)


Iam also having enormous sinus problems. I find that there seems to be a big gap between upper respiratory tract specialists and lower ones.

I got diagnosed with chronic sinus infection unexpectedly from a ct scan. I then went on a course of tertiary antibiotics for 6 weeks. I didn't even have any obvious symptoms. Then my asthma improved to the best it had been for five years. this was in the states. Now in the Uk my asthma doctors will hardly acknowledge the sinus aspect of the problem. I am just about to get an ent referal. However, these things may help. 1. use a saline wash to get rid of mucus before you use the steroid spray. 2. change to Nasonex, (steroid spray) recommended by 3 of my specialists. 3. get an ent refereral, and a ct scan.

I am still struggling. But it is definitely worth trying to sort it out.




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