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Sub Cut info needed

I have been on sub-cut Terbutaline since late May and am still doing really well and I'm so pleased with it. I am just in the process of sorting out supplies at my local hospital as my other hospital is a bit of a drive. I don't really mind, but they are just trying to be helpful and save me a 2 hour plus round trip if I can avoid it. I saw the asthma nurse at my local hospital on Wednesday to pick up some syringes etc and she asked me to ask my consultant about using nebuliser solution of Bricanyl instead of the injection solution as there is much less volume to infuse. I don't know anything about this and can't seem to find any info online so I wondered if anyone is using nebuliser solution subcut?

PS. To Kate - I had to tidy one of my drawers to accommodate the increasing collection of bags!!


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I've never heard of anyone using the nebuliser solution for subcut or IV, and it does say on the packet 'not for injection' (though I know sometimes things are used 'off label'). Glad to hear that you're still getting on well with the subcut, and that you're accumulating lots of nice bags!



Hello Val,

Yes I have heard of using the Bricanyl Respules but not sure about the volume ratio to the IV stuff!

It is therefore used as Off Label so to speak

. I would never use it IV but s/c would be a bit safer plus it should be sterile anyway. Plus less likely to cut fingers too.

I assume it is 1mg in 1 ml? (instead of 0.5mg / 1 ml for the ampoules)

The alternative is VI ventolin as that is 1mg / 1ml.

Bags, mine take up a very small space though I do have 10! home made flat jobs!

Glad it is working for you!




The respules are even more concentrated than that - 2.5 mg per ml, so they'd save you a lot of volume!


Bump up for Me


I've always used the respules, my consultant reckons you get less side effects too, and apart from my resting heart rate being about 100 now, I am ok. I don't know anyone else on s/c to compare to either.

I use 7.5mg in 10mls over 24hrs, subcut, no idea how this correlates to the IV stuff either, lol. Its easy enought to set up. Like the other guys say it is off licence so you sometimes get odd looks when you tell Dr's in ED exactly whats in it, but they generally take your word for it.

I hope this rather vague offering helps, let me know if you have any other questions! x


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