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Beware of Dishwashers!

I have been on steroids (Kenalog injections monthly) for the last 8 months and before that frequent courses of Prednisolone. I discovered yesterday how fragile my skin had become when I bashed my shin on the open dishwasher door. I looked down expecting a bruise to be appearing and saw a large laceration (won't go into details, but it was not a pretty sight) and was so shocked. Visited A&E for the first time for a non asthma reason and was treated - leg looks like a jigsaw puzzle now. I looked up this type of laceration on the internet only to discover that it could take 6 weeks or more to heal.

Just wanted to say to others on steroids, please be really careful of your skin.

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Ouch! Sorry to hear that, hope it heals asap.

I thought your post was going to be about that rush of hot steamy air you get when you open them...the kind of thing my lungs don't like. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have one after all.


Same thing has happened to me quite a few times, quite a shock as you say. I have to be careful of things like the corners of cardboard boxes too, sounds daft but if your skin's very thin & you catch it you can easily end up in A&E explaining that you were attacked by a cornflakes box . . .

I hope you were told to keep your leg elevated &stand/walk on it as little as possible. Otherwise you will delay healing & shins are slow to heal anyway.

I now always wear trousers in the summer - though still be careful if they're thin material - and only wear a skirt if it's winter & I can wear thick black tights with them

yep, another drawback to being on the demon steroids

take care



I was given the advice to keep my leg up when at home and not to do too much walking. I was told that it was ok to drive, but I didn't tell them that I would be driving 150 miles on Monday and then another 150 miles on Wednesday. Husband was very anti me driving today and I think I will possibly have to let him do the driving next week on holiday. I will probably have to close my eyes so I don't get too stressed with his driving though!!!


well if it's as bad as it sounds from your jigsaw description then be very very careful, I nearly ended up having to have a skin graft the first time this happened to me cos I didn't keep my leg raised enough. The blood pressure in your leg, and just the effect of gravity when standing/walking, make the wound bulge (sorry!) which precludes healing and if it doesn't heal then you risk a leg ulcer - need I say more? Don't mean to overdramatise or scare you but I've had 5 or 6 similar injuries in the last few years and I know how careful you have to be. I def don't think you should be driving that distance, think of the pressure you're putting on your leg with the clutch or accelerator.

my husband is a terrible driver too so I do sympathise - maybe a few drinks beforehand? ;)


Thanks Polly. I think I will borrow my daughter's posh eye shades that she got in a pyjama set so I don't have to look!!


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