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Seretide ??

How long does seretide 25/125 mg (2 puffs twice aday)take to work?? I been on it for 14 days my peak flow is still all over the shop and im still having symptoms my doc said it should take about 1 week till it has effect, but it still has no affect grrr what should i do ?? wait it out or see a doc because it is getting so hard just to do the normal things now... lots of love and thanks to those who reply

Amy xx

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I think it takes about a week to kick in, not sure and of course everyone is different. I would go back to see the doctor.


Do you use a spacer? I found it helped when I used one (although I had to ask for one, my asthma nurse never gave me one!)


I agree with the other suggestions, seretide should show benefit (if taken regularly with a spacer) in 5-7 days. If you have no benefit, either do go back and see your GP/Practice Nurse, or ring the help number for asthma uk - who have a great team to help.

If you don't have a spacer, the aerochamber is great - has a training whistle on it and will improve the amount of medication reaching your lungs. Don't battle on with symptoms.

Good luck


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