How many swine flu injections?

I know there already a thread about swine flu jab etc but this one is a bit more specific. i got a letter from my Dr today about the swine flu vaccine. Im a little confused though. It said in the letter that there are two different ones and depending on the one I get I may have to have two injections or just one.

Has anyone else heard this. I am having my jag next week and then if my poor arms havent suffered enough I have my Hep B vaccine the week after.


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  • HI Olive,

    when I had mine the nurse told me we have it in one injection and children have two injections as younger with smaller doses .Not sure about a ggg free one xxxxx

  • The main vaccine is Pandemrix, is developed using eggs, and requires only one injection (unless it's for kids under 10, in which case they may need two).

    The egg-free one, Celvepan, is egg-free but requires two jabs.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Cathbear.

    It does help. jsut got a bit confused. am off for my jab tomorrow!!!


  • hi I just had my swine flu injection & was told that i needed to have another one in 3 weeks time I do not have allergies to eggs but was tokd it was because of having been on methotreaxte & steriods long term anyonme else had this said to them?

  • Yes I ahve been told this too. I had my first injection but due to an allergic reaction I wont be having the second dose.


  • injections

    I have 1 injection administer last week at the doctors (for swine flu).


  • OK I am a little confused now. I have heard some people saying kids need 2 injections but does anyone know what age this is up too. Also, would someone who has been on Pred continuously for the past year (ranging from 20 - 40mg daily) need a second jab?

    just checking as my son who is 13 only had 1 injection and just wanna check thats right.

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