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reaction between singulair and alcohol

Ok this is very redundant now, but has anyone every taken singulair whilst at a friends houseparty and been drinking at the same times and had:

Nausea+ Vomiting

feeling faint/ VERY tired

pins and needles in thier feet, though i could have caused that by sitting on them!

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Never had a problem with singulair and alcohol myself.

Not that I drink, of course ;)

Anyone else?


No, never had a problem,

taken it with white wine, murphys, wiskey (not all at the same time !!)

Did you drink red wine cos that can cause wheeziness in itself.



I'm glad to say that after exhaustive testing (someone's got to do it) I have never noticed a problem with singulair and alcohol. Theophylline and alcohol, yes, but not singulair and alcohol.

Did a very brief lit search and couldn't find any case reports.

Sorry not to be more use.



Did you check every item in the bar, Em? ;)


i've never had prob with singulair and alcohol - have problem with whisky as its yuck, but can't blame the singulair for that! Do ahve problems with some alcohol, especially red wine, but had those before the singulair.


Of course, Cathy, I am nothing if not thorough in my research!


Whisky is NOT Yuck! ..... ooops! :-)

Whisky is ' water of life'! LOL!


am wondering if this is asthma uk or AA ;)

I'm not on singular but in my younger days regularally had similar sysmptoms lol


Oh yes, Julie? Do tell....!!

Glad to hear you were so comprensive with your project, Emily.


Hello, my name is Kate and I am Not an alcoholic! LOL!

sorry, back to subject - I had 2 weeks or so of feeling hyper, headachey & a bit grot with singulair but it improved and I don't have any problems at all now with it.


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