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chest infection???

Wondered if any one can advise me. Ive had a cold for over a week which has gone on to my chest. I'm constantly coughing (productive cough) to the point i've pulled all of the muscles in my stomach and chest and have been kept awake for 2 nights now. At what point should you see a doc as I don't want to waste their time and i don't get colds that often where it goes to my chest.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Probably not the advice you want but see your GP tomorrow don't be put off if they ask if it is an emergency appointment tell them you need to see someone today. If you start to feel very unwell, if your breathing gets bad or you find it hard to talk in sentances or the pain gets worse get yourself to your local A&E and get checked out.



thanx bex, yeah if i get worse i'll definately get treatment immediately i just didn't want to waste the docs time for it just to be a cold!

smithy x


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