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seretide alternatives???


I wondered if anyone could help. I'm currently on seretide 125 and have been for 6 months and although it is just about doing its job Its giving me a real husky voice which is really frustrating coz I do lots of shouting at work and need a strong voice. I know that might sound daft but I wondered if anyone new of any alternative meds that would do the same job in controlling my asthma but not affect my voice? any advice would be appreciated



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The husky voice is usually a side effect if the steroid component of your seretide and is usually minimalised if you make sure you rinse your mouth and gargle straight after.

Hope this helps

Andrea xx


I have the sameproblem! Do you use a spacer? I've been told that is supposed to help as well (I'm on dry powder version so can't sue spacer with it unfortunately). I think any steroid based inhaler will potentially have the same side effect as I've heard those on other combination inhalers (names escape me at the moment!) also complain of hoarseness


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