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Really tight chest

Hi I wonder if any one can help me out. I have had a really tight chest for 2 days now which feels like I have someone sitting on my chest and is making me short of breath but my blue inhaler is just not touching it which has never happened before. I cant get in the doctors until tomorrow and just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to why this is happening or what I can do to relieve it?

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Hi Smithy, sorry you are struggling. I'd say if you are having trouble and you're reliever isn't touching it, then it's time for a trip to A&E - better to go and get it sorted sooner than hang about hoping it doesnt get worse. I know a lot of people are having trouble with the weather as it is at the moment, so this could be affecting things for you.

hope you feel better soon,



hi smithy,

i'm afraid it sounds like you've got an elephant. they like to take up residence on our chests, and i think they might be scared of thunderstorms, so they hug you even tighter!

seriously though, assuming you're taking your maximum dose of reliever, then if you feel you really can't cope, head down to the hospital (calling green men if necessary, but certainly not driving yourself!). no-one will tell you off for not being bad enough, and its much better than getting really ill.

hope you feel better soon,



Hi Smithy

If you are still feeling rough then please go to the doc or A&E as this wont go away by itself and you may need a nebuliser.

Please dont compromise your health and noone will think bad of you for 'making a fuss' as this could turn into something much worse.

Take care



Thanks for your replies my partner tried to get me to go to A&E but I'm very much reluctant to go at the mo as I don't think its serious enough. Saw the doc this morning and he gave me a a 5 day course of pred but as yet that doesn't seem to be kicking in either so I shall see how it goes. Does anyone else get like this because I'm not particularly wheezy its just a real tightness in my chest?

Thanx Smithy x


when i get like that pred takes about 24-48 hours to really kick in. I was told to take 4 puffs of refiever every 2 hours. gave me the shakes and made be bit hyper but at least the elephant lost his grip ab it unti lthe pred kicked in properly. hope you're feeling better soon. A&E isn't that bad. Remeber minor injury unbits can also give nebulisers and sometimes have a doc present. That's okay if you aren't too severe but need more than your reliever casn provide. If you're really sever should go to A&E.


i get tight but don't wheeze, as do a lot of us, so don't worry, you're not weird!

if you saw the doc and he wasn't worried, then probably A&E isn't necessary for now anyway, just keep taking your maximum ventolin while you need it. the pred will probably (hopefully) kick in tomorrow morning.

hope you're feeling better soon, and if you are feeling that you can't cope, don't worry about how serious it is. last time i was admitted i was ringing up my mum saying 'i don't know if i should go in..' it was a real will she/ won't she moment, coz i didn't know if i was bad enough, but when i got there they admitted me almost straight away!

the golden rule is: if in doubt, go.

but only you know how you feel.

take care honey




I liked the elephants hugging us!!!!! never thought of it like that.

My elephant has also been misbehaving the past few days..... it's the 'air' or lack of it.

Take the pred it will kick in. I started 40mg on tuesday and feel like my elephant is spending a bit of time sitting on me and then has a wander for an hour, which gives me a break.

Im ploughing through ventolin like it's going out of fashion but it will help eventuallly.

BEst wishes to everyone with uncontrollable eleohants at the mo

Love Truly x


hi smithy, i know how you feel, maybe after the pred its time to see the doctor, you may need your preventer taken up.

i get the tightness without wheeze sometimes so i know what your going through.

are you seeing a consultant?


hello Smithy,

Really hope you feel better soon and that pred kicks in. I get tight without wheezing as well sometimes, which can make it hard for some people to understand - especially at work! It could be the weather nmaking things worse - I've been struggling for about a week now, but am just about managing to get by on regular ventolin as am trying to stay off pred if I can help it!


Thanks for your comments guys however took a turn for the worse last night and ended up in A&E after having an attack. Had several nebs then eventually let me home. Still on the pred so hopefully i will start getting better soon. Its only my second ever attack in 15 yrs and found it far scarier than the first one and not really sure why it happened though the doc at A&E thinks it maybe the start of a chest infection. Hopefully I won't be having any more in a hurry!!!

Smithy x


i have had a really tight chest for about a week now and there isnt a wheeze there all the time


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