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Pred and ibuprofen

Despite having asthma for 25yrs it's only recently that it has become more reactive, although thankfully I've never had a serious attack or been in hospital because of it.

However, today my gp has put me on a weeks course of pred and antibiotics because of a stupid cold but i've also got a pain in my lower back (i think from trying to sleep as upright as possible the last few days) and i'm wondering if it's okay to take ibuprofen whilst take the pred? --- i've never had issue with ibuprofen upsetting asthma b4.



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Brufen and pred not recommended together as both can cause gastric irritation plus ibuprofen can make asthma symptoms worse. Best to discuss pain management further with a pharmacist or dr.


I have the same problem as you. I am on day 4 of steroids and antibiotic and only got tomorrow left but going back to doctor as I am still really unwell. I have horrid pain in my back, ribs, shoulder and diaphragm and I was told that the only pain meds I can take while on the preds is paracetamol and Codeine which sadly are not working. I am also normally OK with brufen and with how much pain I am in at the moment I am getting close to just taking a risk and taking the brifen just to get a good nights sleep tonight


Asthmafamily- if the pain is worse at night and stopping you getting to sleep ask your GP whether you can take a 'stacked dose' of paracetamol, i.e. take 4 before going to bed (but you will only be able to take 4 in the next 24 hours). Pain that doesn't bothe you too much in the day can really stop you from sleeping. This seems to work for me (I can't take Ibuprofen or codeine), but check with your GP first.



Well GP today gave me another 5 day course of prednisalone but instead of 40mg she gave me 20mg, wants me to drop a sample of my phlegm off tomorrow to be sent to the lab for urgent tests and then on Friday I am go back for another check up

She also said to continue with the 2x500mg paracetamol 4 times, a day, 2x30mg Codeine 3 times a day and at night only 1x400mg Ibuprofen. I told her I will do this tonight and see how I feel tomorrow and Thursday night as I don't feel happy taking this amount of pain relief. She also gave me some Gavison and ranitine to help with the gastric reflux I am now suffering with because of the amount of prednisalone I have taken this year already and we still have 2 months left before the new year.

She also informed me that the chest infection isn't responding to the antibiotics I have taken but feels that she can't give me any more today as I still have 1 day left on the amoxicillin and she wants to find out if amoxicillin is the right antibiotic for the strain of infection I have


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