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Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

I've just been diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. I always knew I was abnormally bendy, didn't really connect it with sore joints and frequent soft tissue injuries though ! And while reading up on my latest diagnosis I came across this snippet :-

""The increased frequency of asthma likely reflects altered collagen structure in the lungs.""

In all my reading on asthma I hadn't come across hypermobility /collagen disorders as a possible contributory factor. Thought it might be interesting to any other double-jointed asthmatics out there.

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Hi alison

Never heard of this and sthma being linked. But i also was told I had hypermobilty of the joints which is how at a young at age I had carpel tunnel syndrome and andboth my hands operated on at the age of 24 well 5 days before my 25 bithday!!



Hi Alison, very interesting subject. I've never thought of there being any connection between asthma and hypermobility, but I do have both. Hmm, I wonder what other literature there is out there about it...



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