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Omron Microair help needed

hi :)

i have had my omron for about 6 months now and today it doesn't seem to be working, it turns on and there's no problem with the power as i have used the adaptor with it and tried with new batteries. It turns on but no mist is being formed at all, the mesh appears to be ok so I don't really know what is wrong. My compressor nebuliser isn't working that great at the moment either and I need to take it for servicing as soon as possible so I am kind of relying on the omron at the moment cos my asthma isn't good at the moment so I really need my omron to be working. So does anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong?

thanks, simi xx

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Try wiping the connection between main base and the plasitic part that you take off when you are cleaning it. The bit below the medicine holder.

I find if that has got wet it does not work.



hey Plumie I've just tried that and it hasn't seemed to work but thank you for the suggestion. simi x


Hi Simi,

I too had some trouble with my Omron Microair few weeks ago. Mine appeared to be completely dead, so I changed the batteries but it didn't make a difference. I left it for a few minutes then gave it a shake and it worked. I think it might have had some loose connections inside. Luckily I had the backup of another microair plus my compressor. The only other thing I can suggest trying is to give it all a good clean.

Hope it starts working again!



I wipe the conectors on both parts with a steret or some alcohol based cleaner.

Give the mesh a good clean! Wash in warm soapy water ( Wash up liquid!) Boil in sterile water or soak in Steredent!

I assume you do clean the mesh often??

If you have tried all the above, contact the supplier!

I always have a spare mesh with me - even the slightest dink or bit of dirt can affect it.




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