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Flu jab

hi Ive had a chest infection for approximately the last 6 weeks, Ive been told after completing each of my 3 courses that I will have to wait 2 weeks before i will be ok to have the jab, as my chest infection still hasnt cleared im worried im going to miss my jab this year, or that if i take it too late it wont be as effective. Does anyone know how late the flu jab can be administered to still leave me with some protection against flu this winter?

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Flu jab

My son was in your position last year and he had the jab in the end late Dec ( my surgery kept a jab safe in the fridge for him). In fact both my GP and the hospital insisted he get it despite the lateness - flu epidencis can hit as late as march. I would get well and then have the jab - I swear they protect you from the rhino viruses in general not just flu. Also keep away from people with flu and maybe ask any family you live with to have the jab - we all have the jab to limit my sons exposure to flu.


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