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just wondering if anyone has had to ask for a second opinion re their asthma and am wondering how you felt, what made you do it and how did you go about it. considering asking for second opinion self as not getting v far with con at mo told him today that am getting through a ventolin a week and all he could say was he thinks am bit better and to go back in a month again. Oh and cause I brought up referral he said he was doing in Jan to Manchester he will do the referral as well. At mo am getting about 2 1/2 -3 hrs from 4 puffs ventolin with a pf of about 250 in am and 200 at night when best is 400. Thanks

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Hi Katherine,

How you doing now?

I'm sorry you've been having a hard time w/your asthma.

I know my GP (if I was needing that much ventolin) would more than likely have me on prednisolone.

I've never got a second opinion for my asthma. Are you or has your doctor got you on any kind of preventer / inhaled steroid. Sounds like you need to if you are not already!


yes thanks i am on seritide and flixotide and have just managed to get off the pred 2 weeks ago which i have been on since the end of january



Sounds like you’re in a bad way there :-(

Think if I was you I'd seek a second opinion. It's not fair you have to go through so much w/your asthma :(

Do you see a respiratory specialist / asthma specialist at all? My GP is good, but the specialist is awesome - that's what they are used to dealing w/ I guess so they do their best to help when needed.

Take care!!


hi katharine some years ago my parents were not happy with my treatment and the worsening of my asthma with no answers and no seemingly action being taken to help me improve just going around in circles with treatments so they asked both my consultant at the time and GP Both of whom where very understanding and excepted the reasons for this wish more so my GP Whom was much better than the con.. i was sent to another hospitial under the difficult asthma team and was reassessed and had lots of tests i had not previously had.


Katharine if you are really concerned or frustrated there are a few ways that you can seek a second opinion. These days you are entitled to be seen at you own choice of hospital. You can go back to your own GP and say you want an opinion by a different consultant, you can speak to your consultant and say you want another opinion (takes a brave person to do that), you can go through PALS at your current hospital, or some people do self referral via the respiratory nurse.

Hope you manage to get somewhere soon.



Katherine, told you before but think more needed now please get reffered to Dr Angus, no one will think any less off you for asking for someone else? old cons will prob be happy with one less patient the work load they have now. Dr Angus is at the same hosp but he is asthma specialiat not just gen chest. Some people dont have this resorce so make most of it hunny. You can ask your GP, occ health or asthma nurse to reffer you.

Good luck

Love Andrea xxx


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