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thoughtful a and e staff

don't know if this is actually in right place but felt had to comment on wonderful care in a and e by dr on tuesday pm. most drs not all but majority i have come across have a frustrating welcome line when they see me that says so how are you feeling? doh! if felt ok wouldn't b here. but dr on tues pm introduced herself shook hands then while working asked just yes or no questions anything she asked that required mre than that 4 answer she apologised for asking and rephrased it so cud nod or shake head. so many of us have bad experiences in a and e felt had to give positive comment on care.

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glad to see you found some nice and helpful doc's at least Kath!!!

i can honestly i have never had a bad experience with doctors really especially in a&e.

hope you have no need for them again soon but if you do,hope you get the same one!!


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