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Lung Scarring

I am being sent for a CT scan next week as my specialist thinks I may have scarring in my lungs. He said that this could explain why I react so badly to colds and why my asthma still isn't fully controlled, although its a lot more controlled than it was this time last year. He also said that as I didn't get on with Singulair theres not a lot more he can offer me except pred as and when needed. Most of the allergy tests I had came back negative and the only allergens I reacted to at all were cats (I have dogs!) and house dust mite, but no more than most other people react to them.

My question is that if there is scarring, is it likely to change the way my asthma is treated or the available options?


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Hey Jo

I too have lung scarring as I suffer from a fibrosing lung disease. Changes in treatment and management would very much depend on how bad the actual scarring is, have you had gas transfer tests and lung functions? And also how bad your breathing problems are. Severe scarring can cause low oxygen levels (I'm on 24hr oxygen) its worth finding out a little more about your scarring from your dr. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

Tks xxxx


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