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Hyperventilation myth busters and guidence

I am distressed to see that many here almost feel guilty when admitting to hyperventiling when having an attack as if it is looked down on by some here. The truth is nearly all asthmatics hypervenetilate during an attack not to make things worse because I don't beleive people are even aware they do it. It is perfectly natural response to a very frightening thing. There is no shame in hyperventiling it is a medical condition just the same as asthma and people should not feel stigmatised or looked upon as attention seekers. So I thought that maybe a thread here where people could post myth busters and handy tips would be good idea. I also add that if anyone comes on here and recommends butekyo without the proper supervision and the full co-operation of their medical team will suffer my wrath assuming I can work up enough puff to have any :)

Myth buster 1: Not all asthmatics hyperventilate during an attack



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Thanks for making this thread Bex.

I think I read somewhere that a certain amount of hyperventilation is good in an acute asthma attack so as to get more air into your lungs and help maintain/bring up your oxygen levels. I'm not certain I understood this correctly though. Acute asthma attacks are scary, so it isn't surprising that people hyperventilate in response to it.

simi x


I was taught by a chest physio recently that i needed to ensure i was pausing between each breath - it was very hard initially but has helped - she said many asthmatics either during an attack or chronic sufferer often have this issue. I now try especially when struggling to ensure this gap is present so maybe that is something for people to consider.

Thanks Bex for this tread your point is very valid and hyperventilating is nothing to be ashamed off.


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