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Theophylline and low blood levels

Hi everyone

I have just come out of hospital, where I had IVs etc, however whilst in I had my theophylline level checked regularly but when I switched back to my tablets, I kept getting really low levels in the bloods to the pont where they didn't think I was taking it properly, so they started to watch me take it, once they were satified I was in fact taking it as I should, they fiddled with the dose but whilst marginally improving I still had low blood levels on most occassions, my cons doesn't know why and said he will monitor my level at home for a while and see what hppens.

This is not the first time I have had problems with my levels, but I was wondering if anyone had any wise words as to the possible reasoning behind this if any??

I feel a little frusrated as its a drug that really helps when there is enough in my system, and I am tired of being accussed of not compling when I am.

Many Thanks

Libby x

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I have just come out of hospital too, having spent 4 weeks in there and almost 4 weeks on an aminophylline infusion, and my levels too were up and down. i asked one of the docs while i was in there about why my levels are ok one time and then low the next and she said that there are a few asthmatics out there that don't have stable level and it was just me, not overly helpful there then, lol......I have had problems with my levels for a long time, but when my levels have been low my GP never seemed concerned, whereas when i was in hospital they seemed quite concerned when my levels were low..... But no-one really has explained this to me....


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