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after been in hospital 4 wks ago and then ending up on steroids again and i don't go back to see consultant till 1st of June do you think i would be better going private or should i wait till i see hospital doc then and see what he says. my dad is getting very upset at me been on steroids as my mum went down this road and sadly see passed away when she was 64. sorry for been painful and asking lots of questions but im fed up to back teeth now xxxxxxx

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Hi i'm actually thinking the same thing would be helpful to me i did a bit of research a few months ago and discovered a private health center had a private doctor but the cost was too high. i then just decided to make my gp do their job.


their are pros and cons to that approach. some of the doctors are the same just that you get fast tracked, but the downside is sometimes the NHS will refuse further treatment.

Also if you try taking out private medical insurance, none will cover you for a pre-existing condition and especially one where you're undergoing treatment.

A Bupa sells rep told me once that if you think you've something wrong but not sure, take out a plan, then see a doctor, they'll then pay and if it turned out to be nothing, just cancel it.


If this is a consultant that you have seen before? If it is then I would be tempted to phone and see if you can pull your appointment forward. If you are that worried it might help put your mind at rest and if there are other medications they want to try they will be able to do this sooner. Also it might be worth noting that many on this forum are on steroids constantly - it does not necesarily mean that they will die young.

Have you been to see your GP and expressed your concerns. I find them very useful at chasing up consultants.



i no plenty of people are om steroids all the time and if i offened anybody then i am sorry, i was just talking from a personal point of view !


chat to your gp about your concerns over the frequent steroid usage.

they can try and switch your meds. A lot of us here to do end up using preds but then - like us - a lot of us think there is a huge risk attached to being on them.

I have bilateral carpal tunnel (hands and feet) and dont plan (not that anyone does!) on ever having to use preds again as there is a osteoprosis link and everytime i have them a joint will swell up (nearly always a knee) once i mentioned this to my gp i was given a top up preventer inhaler to prevent me going on steroids.

talk to your gp - your body is not the same as your mums or anyone elses. You could be absolutly fine on them.


I live near a private hospital and have friends that work there.

Most of the doctors there also practice in NHS.

Whats the point of paying for a que jump.


Wether you go Nhs or private if your asthma had flare ups the common treatment will be with oral steriods. Then high dose of inhaled steriods. Inhaled steriods at high doses can have same side effects as oral. I would safe my money and discuss management further with gp and consultant to develop asthma plan. I'm 39 on a high dose of oral and inhaled steriods. Don't plan to die young but if these drugs improve my asthma so I can have a life then I will continue to take them.


Gussypoo has said something very true, and I've met others who are on high dose oral and inhaled steroids long term, infact permanent. They all say they would rather have a life now and put up with the side effects later.

Save your money, hopefully you can find a combination that works for you. This process may take some time and is very frustrating, but once you get control then eventually you can try reducing the meds and see if you can still retain control.


My family have been on at me for ages to see someone privately as I didn't seem to be getting anywhere on NHS but knowing that you could end up seeing the same doctors anyway, I always refused. Am now under RBH who seem to be making some progress. Chatting to a lady on the ward, she went private, paid a fortune for 2 sessions and when she told them she couldnt afford to continue with them and only really wanted a 2nd opinion, they discharged her and she was none the wiser.

Do you have a Gp you can chat to and who will listen, could they refer you to a specialist centre if you are not already under them?


Nhs direct clinics

Hi just wanted to add that check out your local borough for any nhs direct clinics or any polyclinics. i did a detour recently instead of going back to my gp practice for them to print out a prescription for my reliever i went to the nhs direct clinic and was very impressed as they checked my blood pressure and discovered my pulse rate is oddly high and gave me a full review, it can be good for a second opinion. have a look online.


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