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Is there a straight answer

Ok im getting rather annoyed , because all i wanted was a straight answer to what i thought was a straight question?

Having had a bad time of it lately with acid reflux ,sinus problems all not helping my asthma attacks , i was in a position when i needed to use my ventolin alot , but not having been told how much i could use it in the event of an attack.Nosing around the web and on here i got different answers, i then got to see my doc who gave me another answer, is it that hard to give an answer?????my doc said that 10 times my 100 microgram inhaler is the max i presume he means 10x2 puffs? anyway elsewhere its as much as you need , others 8x i even emailed the manufacturer, but got no reply, COME ON this could be a life and death sinario, so why no diffinutive answer. Gaz

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to use as a neb substitute 10 puffs into a spacer as frequently as you need, if you're having an attack one or two puffs every minute for 5 mins then if no effect get help and use the neb substitute.

But no real upper limit,


I would agree wie woody.

The 10 puffs recommended by ur gp is 10 single puffs of ur reliever inhaler.


Hello mr gee! i totally understand your frustration i had a similar question regarding nebuliser reliever but in respose to your question look at the new asthma attack advice and you will find the straight answer. It says 10 single puffs of ventolin (salbutamol/blue inhaler) and if no better ring ambulance if ambulance not arrived in 15 minutes have another 10 single puffs while waiting but as woody som said there is no upper limit because you get a lot higher dose of it through a nebuliser. The higher the dosage though the more shaky and restless you will become so it is in your best interest to ring for an ambulance if 10 single puffs do not work!



Thanks people, ive just started using the 200 microgram accuhaler, instead of my puffer and aerochamber which i use for my seretide now, the accuhaler is easier to have in yer pocket, whether any good in an atack is another thing , well compared to the chamber use anyway? Gaz


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