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Post Asthma Attack


I am just reaching the 4th day following an asthma attack which required prednisolone and nebulised salbutamol. Feeling loads better but still have a cough which is becoming more productive although i actually feel better. Is this a good sign or not. I do feel better though and have a follow up appointment with my GP this week.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance

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well everybody can be different after they have an asthma attack so they can. The steroids will be making you feel better as it srengthens ur lungs i find when i ave an asthma attack i do feel rough for at least a week or so after


Hi pinky,

Sorry to hear you've had such a nasty attack - I hope the steroids are working for you and you are on the mend now.

When you are having an asthma attack, your airways produce sputum (phlegm/mucus) as part of the inflammatory response. During the attack, this can be very difficult to cough up, as it is often thick and sticky and you may not have enough breath to actually move it. During the days after an attack, this sputum may gradually move and become thinner, and as you have more breath, it will be easier to shift - and you may find your cough becoming more productive. Usually this sputum is clear or pale yellow in colour, and it may be in the form of small plugs or longer 'worms' - basically the shape of the small airways it was lying in.

I certainly find that I have a non-productive cough during an asthma attack (or in fact don't have the breath to cough at all if I am very bad) and then have a more productive cough in the days when I am recovering. I know a lot of other people who describe this pattern too.

However, if the productive cough is getting worse, or you are coughing up mucky dark yellow, green or brown sputum, or you are feeling unwell in yourself, then you may have an infection. If you think this might be the case, you should go back to see your GP sooner rather than later. Either way, it is worth mentioning the symptom to your GP so that they can have a listen to your chest for signs of infection, and perhaps send some of the sputum off to the lab to see if it grows any nasties.

Hope this helps

Em H


oooh nasty, hope your feeling better now.

the best thing after an attack i find is to start making yourself feel good again, rest up for about a week, this is a good chance to snuggle up with the duvet, some DVDs and your favourite chocolate or icecream.

after attacks i find that i too spend the next week or so coughing up the gunk that is congesting my airways. if your concerned or its a lovely shade of green then i would see the GP.


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