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Nocturnal Asthma

As I am still on an unplanned holiday from work I am becoming more aware of my condition. Over the last few nights I have woken at my normal times 02:00 - 04:40 covered in perspiration. This time I have taken my peak flow to see what the result would be. It is around 16% lower than my average best over the last two weeks. i.e down to 310 from 370. My normal PF is around 420. The nebs and preds make my hungry.

At the moment my GP is more concerned in clearing up my present position. What are the experiences of everyone regarding Nocturnal Asthma and how does it manifest itself etc?

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Hi peter. One question my asthma nurse asks is 'are you waking at night with symptoms?' its a common sign of uncontrolled asthma. Catherine


Hi Catherine, This is the delema. The only things I wake up with is a heavy sweat. However since my little blip and a quick trip to Costa, I have been taking note of my body's condition and have found that when I wake up during the night my PF has dropped. Before my little blip I was on step 4 after having Asthma for the last 50 years. I have never had a day off work with Asthma since I was 16. It is mainly well controlled with a high level of medication. Is the medication causing the issues - I do not know.


Hi Peter,

I wake up every night usually around 12.30 and about 5am. The first time I wake up I'm coughing and I feel as if I'm choking. The second time really breathless with heavy breathing but the doctors can't say why.

Hope you get more joy



Hi Peter

I usually wake up every 2-3 hours because my mouth is so dry it feels as if someone has put carpet down in there. Once awake, I have to have a drink. Then I have to cough. Then just as I'm drifting off to sleep it occurs to me that maybe a trip to the loo would be a good idea and try as I might I can't get back off to sleep without first getting up to go! Then I'm wide awake so I drink a little more water, do a little more coughing and turn on the radio to see if I can bore myself to sleep.

Loooking on the bright side, it's now just after 1:00 p.m. and I guarantee that if I had access to somewhere comfortable I'd be out like a light!


Hi Peter, Just thought you might like to know that sweats can be caused by pred as can difficulty sleeping. Hopefully when you come off the pred the sweats will stop!



Hi Ally and Annista,

Many thanks for coming back to me. At present the preds have stopped and the antib's stop tonite. However I am still on 2 puffs of Clenil 250 3 times a day, 2 x serevent twice a day and ventolin mdi as and when plus singulair. What a load of steroids!

I have had these sweats for a few years now which is why I am thinking it is the level of steroid I am on. My usual meds are shown on my profile. Other people have said that they are quite high but if they control Nellie then I am content.


Been to the quacks this afternoon. The preds and antib's have finished but breathing is lousy. pf hit an all time high of 450. However this morning at 4:00 it was only 350 ( with nebs & preds). Advised stay off work but keep using the nebs for another 10 days and wait for an appt with the Consultant. Thanks go to the bank manager that I have a pre paid certificate for all these scripts.


sorry to hear that peter :(

agreed though, pre paid cert come in pretty handy with all our scripts :)



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