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First Time for everything and Advice please

After having step 3 controlled asthma for around 40 years this week things haver been a bit hairy to say the least. PF dropped from 420 to less than 350 and breathing is like I have run a marathon in four minutes. First ride with a blue light and first trip to A&E in Bury Lancs. Today back to the quacks and guess what, straight onto a neb followed by two further weeks off work and a DIY neb for home. Any advice on how to get the most benefit from teh machine? Nebs are Salbutamol 5mg and Ipratropium 250 four times a day. 40mg of Preds make me hungry but to try and eat when you cannot breathe is difficult. What the h5ll is going on?

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Hi Peter,

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that after so long things have dropped so dramatically. I hope that things improve just as quickly, but until then:

The preds will be making you feel hungry, and although it's not easy, do make sure you have something. It's an old cliche, but a good one - if you keep yourself hydrated and well-fed (or as well-fed as possible at present) then it will improve your chances of feeling better.

A few years ago, I had my own neb and a similar number of doses (now I am controlled with inhalers... just about!). Doing the basic things, which I'm sure your doctor/nurse will have told you, will help you make the most of the neb treatment - clean it after each use (or at least once a day) to prevent residue build-up, and use the neb for 10-15 minutes for each treatment (making sure you've got the best possible dose). I also find with any medication that it helps to get into a good routine, spacing out the doses evenly throughout the day.

I'm sorry these things sound so basic, but I do hope you start to improve soon.



Hi Natalie, Thanks for the support knowing simple things like I am not alone, I am not a freak does give a sense of wellbeing and comfort. The rest of the meds are on my profile. I pay for these with the NHS Pre Payment thingy at about £11.00 per month direct debit, it works for me.



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