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Re Symbicort 200/6

Hi all

Just wondering, i've recently had my symbicort inhaler reduced fromm 400/12 2 puffs twice daily, to symbicort 200/6, 2 puffs twice daily. My peak flow was 357 when i went for my asthma review, even though it was lower, they still reduced my symbicort ? The reason they reduced it is they are concerned that, if i have any further problems/flareups of my asthma, that they will not have much option to increase medication etc.

My peak flow is down from 500 to 340, i'm wondering if to go back to go back to my gp. I'm not in any distress and it's not an emergency, before any of you get worried...

I was told that i should try Pulmicort, can i take Pulmicort as well as my Symbicort inhaler?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. By the way i'm also on Singulair 10mg and Ventolin.

Kind regards


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i guess the real question is, where is the 340 peakflow reading in realation to your best? and how stable is the general PF readings. if it's under 80% , or highly variable, then I wouldn't have wanted to reduce it just yet, but as to adding pulmicort, yes, no reason why you cant have that as an addition.


Yes you can take pulmicort with symbicort. I am on pulmicort 200 1 puff twice a day, Symbicort 400/12 1 puff twice a day, Flixotide 125mcg, Singulair and Ventolin. Pulmicort which is budesonide is one of the ingredients in symbicort.


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