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re Asda Anti bac spray

Hi there

A warning to other Asthmatics...

I have recently changed jobs and at my new place of work, they use Asda antibacterial Spray.

When i use this spray it seems to kick the back of my throat, and cause my chest to go tight.

At a recent meal, the topic of cleaning came up and i mentioned the Asda antibac, and quite a few people agreed with me, that it makes them cough and irratates their throats.

I didn't like to cause a fuss, especially as i am new, but i know now i am not alone.

My works have now changed to Dettol antibac spray, wow what a relief...for me and everyone else.

Anyone else experienced problems using Asda Antibac spray?

kind regards


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Haven't used that one but your right some cleansing sprays can set me off, i was reading a fab article about how we should use stuff like e-cover and sprays without harmful chemicals..... so ive switched and much better...

glad your work changed them, good for you!

kel x


I also find that Tesco and Sainsbury's anti-bac sprays really don't help my asthma at all, as well as some (most) kitchen and bathroom cleaners.

I have changed over to natural / ecover products and have been pleased with difference that they have only have to persuade work to do the same!


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