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Re Coca Cola & Asthma

hello fellow sufferers

I have been having problems with my asthma since November 2009.

Before then for 15 years it has been fairly well controlled.

I have been keeping a diary since November 09, re my asthma flare up, and have just discovered what might have flared it up ?

Of late i have developed a fondness for diet coke.

I started drinking it around november time when it was on offer.

I was in the pub with an old school friend and i was driver so i ordered a coke, whilst drinking it i started to wheeze and cough, took my inhaler several times, and eventually my symptoms eased off, anyway, had another glass of coke about an hour later, this time my friend forgot to say no ice, this time when i drunk it i was so badc that i had to get a taxi to the walk in center, nhs direct.

They asked questions and my friend answered them, they suggested not drinking coke, due to how bad it is for you, and to drink only drinks served at room temperature, I have noticed a difference, not so wheezy, and had less asthma attacks. Early days yet, but will keep you posted.

Anyone else with the same experience or noticed this ?

Or is itt coincidence ?


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I have noticed similiar problems with coke and also with picked eggs/pickled onions from the local chippy (in strong vinegar) also set my asthma off. You may also find that coke from a pump rather than a can or bottle causes less of a problem.


I have found that preservative 211 - sulphate (well that's what it is in Australia) sets off my asthma big time and will put me in hospital. In Australia 211 is not in coke but its in diet coke and coke zero along with many other soft drinks. So maybe a preservative in the coke is making your asthma bad.



i cant drink many fizzy drinks as they upset my asthma to , but coca cola aka coke is the worst !


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