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Not responding to Meds

I have been struggling to get my Asthma under control since being diagnosed back in January. My diagnosis only came about after being taken to hospital after having breating difficulties for a week. I was put on Prednisolone (30mg) at the hosipital and was on them for a few weeks. Since coming off them it has been getting worse and worse with me having to take my reliever inhaler several times a day to try and prevent an attack. My normal medication is Seretide 250 which I'm meant to take twice a day, 2 puffs each time (doesn't do a lot to be honest). I recently also got put onto Singulair (10mg I think, once a day) to try and help with allergies. Still my asthma is getting worse and I'm struggling to do normal things like walk to work etc. without attack symptons (tight chest, struggle to breath etc). A couple of weeks ago I got put back on Prednisolone (30mg) for 5 days to see if it would help - it did but as soon as I stopped the course my asthma got worse again and not getting any better.

Does anyone else have this trouble with, what seems to be, uncontrollable asthma? It's getting annoying now and embarrasing when I can't do normal things without getting out of breath. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow morning to see how the course of prednisolone went. It's so frustrating that when ever it seems to be getting under control it just gets worse again. I'm suitably fed up!!!

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Hi SarahJane

Also take Seretide twice aday 4puffs,Singulair and atrovent 4 times a day 2puffs ,permanently on 10 mg prednisolone usually have bad symptomes once a month and have to have antibiotics and up the steroids. Hae now been given a nebuliser from the hospital and use that 4 times a day instead of reliever inhaler. My asthma not been under control for ages. You sound just like me. struggle to go to work and do everyday things. I find it helpful on here as you know other people have problems like you so you are not alone. I didn't know anybody as bad as me till I came on here. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Me Too

Hi Sarah Jane

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. My doctor says I'm on the highest doses I can have of my medications (singulair doesn't seem to work at all) I have fluticasone+Salmeterol inhaler which I take twice a day plus my preventer. I also have chronic rhinitis accompanied by complete loss of smell and taste.

I was diagnosed with late onset asthma in spring of 2010 after a severe chest infection. Since then I have had a couple more bad infections. I too have struggled to work, some days I couldn't even manage to get from my office to the car park as I was so out of breath and my heart was racing.

As I am 60 I have decided to take early retirement, even though it will be very difficult financially, because I just cannot cope any more working long hours in a stressful job and getting into trouble every time I have to take time off.

My doctor referred me to an ENT specialist who said there was nothing they could do about the rhinitis or the loss of smell.

I recently asked to be referred to a chest specialist but so far heard nothing. I am under a liver specialist (although I am teetotal) and a haematologist both of whom were more concerned about my breathing than my other conditions last time I saw them.

Yes, I also feel my asthma is uncontrollable, despite losing weight I cannot walk up even a slight incline without gasping for breath.

I think asthma patients are still not taken seriously, I'm sure doctors don't realise how bad it can be even with medication. Even when I've had a chest infection I have had to wait a week for antibiotics until the results of a sputum test come back. Next time I get really bad I've decided to go straight to the hospital and that way I might get to see a specialist.

I don't think everyone responds to medication in the neat way that doctors expect which leaves them not knowing what to do with us.

I have been asked by the practice to see the asthma nurse for a review, I rang up two weeks ago and there were no appointments until 5th September, that shows how seriously they take asthma. When I do go, even though they can see that I am wheezing and breathless they say I am ok!

I hope your doctor can come up with something soon, its a miserable existence having badly controlled asthma. I can fully sympathise with how you feel.


I was like you, my gps didnt know what they were doing and twice refused to refer me to cons. Thought i was going to give up work as asthma totally controlled my life. I pestered my gps for 6 mths before i got referred as they got fed up me keep going to the surgery as i was so bad. The cons improved my control, but asthma still not completely controlled. So i would say go and pester your gp for a referal to resp cons, also speak to auk helpline for advice. I know where your coming from myself and plenty of other on here have been there too. Good luck. keep us posted how you get on.



Oh poor you, Sarah Jane. That just sounds so miserable, especially as you've only recently been diagnosed - that must be quite a shock.

If you haven't already been referred to a chest consultant, ask for a referral. If you have, and you're not getting anywhere, you could ask whether they think you'd be a suitable candidate for referral to a Difficult Asthma clinic (there's one at Birmingham Heartlands).

Looking at the meds that you take, there are still things that can be done, but I'm sure you'll notice from the board that there are lots of people who struggle to get good control of their symptoms. You're not alone!

Hugs, Wishes


This is almost a mirror image of what I've been going through lately! I had an asthma attack on holiday about 6 weeks ago, been on and off Pred loads of times as every time I come off my asthma flares up again. Also on Seretide 250 and Singulair finally today got the GP to refer me to a consultant as they're out of ideas - I'm off the Pred now but have had to use my Salbutamol twice today already (dreading tonight...)


advice needed

Your story sounds very much like mine i was diagnosed with late onset asthma two years ago and how my quality of life has gone down have seen cons they said at moment its uncontrolled im having bad attacks about once a month they just give me five day course of prends and goodbye see you in a month . Am so at a loss as to know what to do cons now trying me twice a day with ventolin followed by mucaclear as well as all other meds am a hairdresser but have been told to finish work but money wise its a struggle have little confidence in my consultant or the team . He said if this dont work long term antibiotics anyone heard of this .



Your story seems similar to mine except that I already have asthma, but recently my asthma has become ever so uncontrollable. I'm on presds, singular, theophylline and iptropium. I've been told that it seems to be more than asthma according to my Gp, consultant and the now the Brompton, but still don't know the true cause. It might be worth considering that the asthma diagnosis may be incorrect (fingers crossed) as then it could be 100% treatable. Consider aspergillosis or something in that realm. Once I have any idea what's going on with me I'll let you know but I'm having to wait for an admission date at the hospital, forced out of work and nearly on daily nebs just to stay out of hospital so feeling for you.

If you have any questions give me a shout.


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