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Help, really feeling down

Hi all,

I'm managing to hang in there, but need some advice.

I'm on nebs 4 times a day, seretide,and montelucast.

If I stay in bed and do very little everything goes relatively ok but,i get up, try to visit friends,i can get by. I lose my voice if I talk too much,i cough like crazy.

Then, I'm up half the night. Iwake up trying to catch my breath.

Using my inhaler more in the night when I try to do a little in the day.

This going on a while now. Will it always be like this? Will I eventually get back to work and normality?

Please help, really getting me down.


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Hi Angle,

Im like you at the moment but not on nebs and stuffing up my xmas.

I put a frount on so i dont make my family worry but want to cry and awake carnt sleep and put on steroids again.

.Mood swings are not nice and meds can course it and also asthma can cause it also.

waking up in the night gasping makes me panic.I try prop myself up and have a drink of water by my bed but would talk to asthma nurse they will help you if happens alot.

Hope your mood swings get better ! Keep your chin up and try look forward to good times .

I work part time just over a hour a day and gets me out and helps keep a smile on my face ,

love Glynis xxx

Edited it a bit as did it on my phone and when read it back was all squashed up


Sorry you're feeling down. I lose my voice when I talk too much too. It can be embarrassing at work cos the rest of the time I'm quite good at putting the front on that everythings ok.

Best thing is to keep positive - it does get better, when you hit rock bottom the only way is up..! I know it's hard but there's lots of people here who know how you feel, and that's helped me when I've felt it's all too difficult.

Hope you feel better soon xx


Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your replies.

It does help.

I worry cause my job is on the phones all day answering enquiries and if I keep losing my voice from asthma how on earth will I keeo my job?

I suppose this worrying doesnt help me to get better.

Thanks again it does help to know i'm not alone.

Love and angel blessings

xxx angeljacqui


Hi angeljacqui,

Sounds very frustrating for you, I've never lost my voice from asthma, but I can't imagine that's very pleasant. When are you next seeing the doctor? How long have you been on the current medication regime? I have been on seretide for a while (over a year!) and I haven't really noticed a big difference. Hang in there though, there are always new treatments becoming available and things will improve. Take care. S.


Hi Soph,

I'm on my Seretide 250 twice a day for the past 3 years.I also take Montelucast, although I'm not convinced how helpful it is for me. This oct I got bad and i'm on neb 4 times a day. They have treated my chest infection with 5 different antibiotics and i've had 3 doses of steroids. I have been referred to a respiratory consultant which is on the 6th Jan.

I always lose my voice when my asthma kicks off. The more I talk the 2orse it gets until finally I only have a whisper. This can be very frustrating as I don't have the standard wheeze.

At the moment it's very frustrating as i seem to be living for the day when i see the consultant.

I hope he lives up to my expectations!

Any kind of over exertion leaves me breathless, with an ache in the base of my lun gs which seemingly have fluid in.

Sorry I have gone on a bit. Having a bad day today,.....I want to be well and to take my dog for a walk.

god bless



Hi Angel jacqui,

Have you been keeping a good log of your symptoms for taking with you to the consultant. I.e. what medicine you took on what day and what your peak flow readings are each morning and evening? If not, keep a record for the next few days before seeing the consultant. It'll help him know what has been happening.

Have you noticed any times when your voice gets worse or is not as bad. Write these down and ask the consultant about it. Also, write a list of the questions that you want to ask the consultant in case you are like a deer in the headlights and forget or lose your voice and can't ask them easily. You could show him the list. This way, you'll get more out of the appointment hopefully. Let us know how it goes. :-)


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