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Ibuprofen 400mg

My doctor tried me on them with ok from my asthma nurse along with strong pain killers for a neck problem thats causing pain in neck,shoulder and down arm and hand.spasums and pins and needles also. My docs had to stop them and put it on my notes that i can never have them again as made asthma bad.I go the hospital next Thursday to Musculoskeletal at Haywood hospital.Hope sort me out as the pain is really bad .Just wish could tolerate anti inflamatories. ↲Edit my doctor never said if anti inflamatory cream would be ok to try and i forgot to ask if that would set my asthma off also. So will ring him up↲

How do others go on with anti inflamatory cream.?not medical advice just wondering how others find it so have an idea till speak to my doctor?

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Hi Glynis, I've been ok with antiflammatory (spelling?) cream but definitely not the tablets.


Hi glynis,

Same here, fine with cream/gel but can't take the tablets as sets asthma off.

Can they not give u something stronger for thr pain? I have back problems and very rarely gets very bad so I take tramadol which my gp prescribed and as its paracetamol based doesn't sey off my asthma.


I had a really bad reaction to cream out on my knee, was taken to hospital and they just said some people are more sensitive than others. So if you do try the cream or gel make sure your not on your own in case you do have a bad attack.



I am fine with the gel/cream. I have been on ibuprofen 400mg 3 times a day since last Thursday when I had surgery on my foot but my asthma is well controlled at the moment and is causing me no problems. Also combining with paracetomol, not using the dihydrocodeine and morphine solution as they do make me feel woozy and nauseous.


I am Brittle type 2 and I am fine with tablets and cream neither effect my asthma at all the only pain medication I can not have is Asprin and that is because it gives me chronic stomach ache


Glynis, you've posted before about ibuprofen/anti-inflammatories (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory aka NSAIDs).

Are you asking as you have them again or more specifically about the cream/gel i.e. topical applications?

Hope appt helps


Hi tj,Can remember now thanks.Yes asking about the cream.I must remember check older posts since dif doc tried me on them again .xxx Edit-re read old post and anti inflamatories were for anckle injury .Least now know this time carnt take them no more.


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