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When I went splat Monday and had oxygen and nebs at Manchester the nurse there put me on antihistamines as not on any and said as I have asthma should be on them as suffer all year round.My asthma consultant and asthma nurse at the severe asthma clinic didnt put me on any so not sure about taking them.The nurse at Manchester told me ring my doc to put them on my repeate so i have done as pay 100 pound a year for pre payment certif. Will take them until my next apt with my hospital team. ↲

Just wandering if anyone takes them all year round if dont know what they react to.Weather and cleaning products set me off and test showed me alergic to grass but grass never botherd me when up fields but a needle in haystack for others xxx ↲

so would yet another tablet to add to my stuff help all year round ?love glynis xxx

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When my asthma is bad, I take antihistamines during winter, not sure what I'm allergic to [allergies as far as I'm aware are, some sort of berries, ibuprofen, diclofenac, grass & most medical glue - its ibuprofen, diclofenac & grass which dislikes my chest] but it seems to help a bit with coughing.


Thank you for reply Emma. X just not sure why my con and asthma nurse didnt put me on them.The nurse at Manchester showed me breathing physio also and was lovely.I live in stoke on trent and we went shopping at Manchester for the day xxx


Most antihistamines don't have too many side-effects, so if you find that you tolerate them fairly easily then there's no harm in trying them for a few weeks to see if they help things.

I tend to take them more for skin/eye symptoms than for my breathing, but it's often useful to have them on hand.

Hope they help for you, Glynis!


I also take them more for my skin that rhinitis!

A previous consultant once made me sniff to see how snotty I was! and on the basis that I was a bit bunged up started me on nasonex. To be honest I hadn't noticed being that bunged up before, but nasnoex did dramatically improve my sense of smell so I must have been a bit bunged up. I think I might be allergic to dust mites.

If you do suffer from rhinitis it is definitely worth trying some antihistamines. They don't have many side effects.



I take them all year round for pollens and moulds for my asthma, if i don't take them, my ventolin is less effective or not effective at all depending what time of year it is!



Hi Glynis, My son takes 2 antihistamines all the time - Piriton at night and NeoClarityn (prescription) in the morning. I was put on Loratadine in Jan for my excema (which flared up badly) and have found it very helpful.

As asthma is often an 'allergicy sort of thing' (consultant's quote) I would have thought it might help you. Let us know what your hsopital team say.


Thank you angievere,

keeping a pf chart for hospital so will see how i go on them

its usually all over the place xxxx


I was told by asthma nurse to take 2 a day (i take them at night as i find they work better).I take them all the time, i get piriteeze as allergic to the piriton tabs.When i found i was ok with them I then got gp to put them on rpt prescription.Take them for hayfever, rhinitis and asthma.


Thank you Wolfspirit,

the nurse at Manchester gave me 7 .one a day so could have time get some off my doctor so not sure till next week what he gives me.

loyds chemist collect my script from the docs and my hubby and 2 sons epilepcy meds and then i

get them from Loyds chemist and tick off what we need next month and give me a date to

pick them up next month so got get them all next week.

im on ten items a month eek!!!!


I'm on antihistamines all year round. Were originally prescribed for awful hivey/urticaria blotches then continued with hayfevery problems. Asthma nurse and GP have checked I have them and seem to think it's a good idea esp. with sinusitis etc. Not sure my allergy blood tests done by ENT will show much either. I would have thought the asthma clinic would consider allergies as a cause and think about antihistamines?!


Hi glynis,

I've been on antihistamines in the summer months since I was about 10 and all year round for the last 5 years or so. I've never had any side effects of any of them( and I think I've been through the whole range) just some work better than others. If I ever forget to take it I can feel it so I know it works for me. As it's been suggested try them and see if symptoms improve? Then talk to your doc about knocking them of once grass season is over. I was alright with that for years.

Good luck, I hope it helps:-)

love Lydia xx


i take antihistamines all year round - a tablet every morning and then a spray in the summer when its bad. Definitely made my asthma much more stable and easier to manage


Glynis - given that your consultant and nurse are seeing you regularly and have done allergy testing I wouldn't put too much reliance at what the nurse at the walk in centre told you. Sure if they work then take them if you want. If you think they help then talk about it with your consultant at your next appointment. I just take them when I am having symptoms, sniffy nose, sneezy etc. If it feels like an allergic type reaction then take them and see if it helps.

I think personally that to say that all asthmatics should be on antihistamines all year round just because they are asthmatic is ludicrous in the extreme.


I take them all year round for an allergy to dust mite have done so for about 10 years. This allergy has shown up in all the blood tests. I also react to cleaning chemicals but only find they help with the allergy stuff. Never had any side effects from them and I change them once in a while to stronger ones mostly in the summer. Amanda


Thank you everyone. Fee i agree with you.I never get any hayfever symptons at all and never needed them. Going wait see my con xxx


i take them all year round too, as asthma nurse reckons when hayfever plays up its triggering asthma. I also have perennial rhinitis (nice) and it seems to keep things under control. Im using piriteeze as allergic to piriton. Nurse told me im not allergic to dustmites but dust does start me off esp washing powder, doing dusting etc. Just a little note; i read an article somewhere to take antihistamines at night when you go to bed, my son and myself have been doing this and its definately better.the article was about the best time to take meds etc, they also suggested to take inhalers in the aternoon cos apparently they work better. This might be useful to try out.



I take antihistamines all year round to combat perennial rhinitis (also Otrivine nasal spray when I have a very bad runny nose) which I have had since a very bad chest infection when I was first diagnosed with asthma. I also react badly to insect bites, particularly horseflies, which as a rider I am exposed to for June and July when they are very common. I have heard that if you suffer with hayfever the pollen can be very bad about 5am so taking one when you go to bed is good. However, I don't, so I take it in the morning as soon as I get up as they are non-drowsy tablets and I don't need anything else to prevent me from sleeping, its hard enough dropping off anyway when I get a coughing fit as soon as I lie down.


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