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Does Your asthma every get you down and depressed?

Hiya everyone..x

Was just wandering if anyone else feels down and depressed about there asthma! Mines is really severe! and take asthma attacks about once a month! And recently just out of hospital and am due to xolair on 9th december! But the more and more im taken these attacks the more im getting down and depressed about it, somtimes i just think its me that feels like this but am sure other people get down by taken asthma attacks. I just dont no what i can do 2 make me feel a bit better and happier! Just feel that asthma affects me enjoying life like every 21 year old should! as i am ill all the time.

I just really hope this xolair treatment helps as if it doesnt ill be devastated!

katie x

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hi katie,

Sorry you are feeling a little down you have a lot to deal with and this time of year and dark early nights dont help.

Yes I do get a few bad days feeling low with my asthma and OA.

I would keep an eye on you mood swings and mention it to your GP.

I Have to take antidepressants the haywood hospital put me on them for back OA and feel a lot better in my self and Asthma is still new to me but trying stay happy .

Hope you keep smiling to.

love Glynis xxxx

pm me anytime xxx


Aaww honey, you sound so truly fed up.

I sometimes get depressed too, I think being poorly definitely has that effect.

All I can say is try to focus on the good stuff, enjoy what you can achieve, don't dwell n what you can't.

Easy to say I know.

And remember there are lots of shoulders to lean on here - you're not alone.





Thanks both of you. i am really fed up at moment! i am all ready on anti depressents! Just getting fed up with taken all these asthma attacks all the time. Plus my parents stay abroad so am left to deal with alot on my own, i dnt just have severe asthma got epilepsy, depression as well! So i feel for a 21 year old to deal with all that is pretty hard going!

But ill get there! Just somtimes feel like i need somone whos going through the same as me to talk to! :)!

Im really enjoying not ben on it for long! but feel its helping! as getting to no people who are going through same thing!



Not so much depressed, as mightily fed up

Hi katie

My asthma's fairly mild but I get very fed up when I find something I could do last year, with no real bother, has me puffed out and coughing.

GM xx



I was down wimme asthma for months and kept having many attacks and in the end i ended up in hospital! Then went and saw me doctors and put me on singulair and never felt better. Well apart from the side effects of not being able to sleep or makin me feel sleepy. Then sometimes am hyper. I'm a happy go lucky person so can make me even more hyper than already am. I did go through the shakes but seem to have got rid touch wood. But main thing is just hang in there. It will take a while to find out what works for you and when you do it will be time to party lol x i did when i got better. I had many viruses through me being vunerable but all healthy now!!


Hey Katie,

Just so you know your not alone, I get pretty fed up at times with my asthma, I'm 19 and its completly changed my life and stopped me doing things that I once could do with ease. I spend large amounts of time in hospital too, ( think i'm on the 10th addmission of the year - but I've actually lost count). It can be pretty rubbish but I do think its made me a stronger person, have you thought about starting a new hobby or something that you know you can do even if your having a rough day?

I really hope xolair is a sucess for you chick, best of luck!

ally x



My asthma gets me down quite a lot, as used to be able to do so much and now i just cannot do as much, altho i often over do it because i think oh i can do that and then the next day think i really shouldnt have done that.

Support and understanding here. I have started new hobbies, like crafts and sewing. I also have started volunteering for asthma uk and NHS expert patients programme. Look out for a course on being an expert patient would advise you went on it they are good fun and not all older people either there are some younger people.

pm when you want to chat. I often get days when i am really bored.




Is just a 'yes' enough of an answer? Really and totally fed up and feeling misunderstood and as if nothing's working at the moment. I feel like my consultant's fed up with me because the meds aren't working, I'm fed up that nothing's changing, I'm fed up with side-effects of Pred and having to take other meds to counteract side-effects which don't fully work anyway, and I just want it all to stop at the moment.


hi katie, ive just read you message and i know how you feel but please keep your chin up i know its easier said than done but two years ago i was kind of a running joke in admissions at the hospital i was in one week out of four but once the consultant had a look at what i was taking they did manage too get me sorted and thankfully ive not been admitted since feb 08 although i do have off days ive come to the conclusion that no matter how bad i feel im still here and i wont let it beat me, although it does feel as if some times people dont understand how exhusting astma can be both mentally and physically. good luck and hope you are feeling better soon x


It's suprising how asthma does affect you mentally, when I'm having a bad week (or so!) even little things can really get on top of me. Symptoms can be frightening and stop you doing every day things. I've had a bad 6 months of up and down acute asthma and allergy problems but they are starting to calm down.

I haven't been out for a drink since May, which does get me down a bit but I'm managing to get out shopping/have a cuppa in cafes which is a good start. Ringing/emailing friends and family has cheered me up, sometimes they can be down about things in their lives so I can lend an ear to them and we always ending up laughing about something.

I started reading a lot, baking (watch that flour dust though!), gardening (if armed by piriton), learnt a bit of web design, typeset my partner's NVQ and surprisingly enjoyed doing these things! I also manage to do a bit of yoga now which helps.

Don't get me wrong I do have 'down' days, but I try hard to take care of myself and be positive as with asthma there's a hope of improvement. I'd have a natter with your GP as well about how you're feeling.

Hope hospital goes well and you too will be getting better soon.


Hi Katie!!!

FINALLY another 21 year old in the same position!!! I had asthma attacks once a week, they have gone down to abut one every two weeks and I lost my summer to stays in hospital!!! Have been off work for 6 months now and no chance of going back yet!!! I am on Xolair too, just had my second lot! Am hoping and praying that it works...I hope that it works for you too! Kind of the end of road in treatment isn't it :S

But trust me I know exactly how you feel, it affects life totally. Wake up everyday and I never know if I will even be able to walk down the road, or go out with friends, or something as simple as walking around the supermarket!!! I am so glad (in a good way) I have seen another 21 year old with the same problem, I was beginning to feel I was alone!!!

Feel free to PM me etc :)

Hope to talk soon




Fed up day today. Weepy too. Grumbled on Facebook Wall. Daughters happened to both be on FB this morning and following FB chat to see what was wrong with their old mum, one came over with huge lovely bunch of flowers and the other, a long chat over the phone to cheer me up.


hi Katie,

My asthma flares up constantly and always with a chest infection and a bad cough and lungs get so tight and inflamed and breathing down and the cold weather doesn't help.

When I am having a good spell I feel really well , then get low as my asthma always rears its ugly head again and brings me crashing down again and tight chest,chest infection ,bad cough,inflamed lungs and breathing low,Just want get it controlled xx


Nope, it makes me jump for joy and really cheers me up. I get really pleased when I can feel it coming on again and so look forward to those sleepless nights!

Only kidding Katie, you are not the only one. I also find it really annoys me and frustrates me. Any way at least I know what triggers it off nowadays so have found a slight release from the anvil on my chest! My asthma is caused by milk and cheese. How are you with the dairy products?

At least you are still young enough to have the hope that they can find a solution one day. By the time that happens I'll be too old to exercise anyway.


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