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menopause and asthma

i am very sad to admit that i never really took my asthma very seriously until a few years ago when i nursed my mother with emphysema,saddly she passed away,that is when i eventualy realised that any lung disease can be fatal and i started really taking care of myself and controlling my asthma,untill now that is,im 42 have recently started early menopause and now i feel like my world is falling apart,my asthma is up and down and all over the place,my nurse is trying her best to help keep it under control,my linbs are aching all the time im constantly lethargic and want to sleep all the time,i have no energy,it takes all my time to get dressed,i spend most of my days in my pjs,(im between jobs at the mo)if i manage to go and put my rubbish out then that is a big achievement on most days,is this related to asthma and menopause( im also on meds for menopause)or is it due to me not controling my asthma when i was younger,any advice will be greatly appreciated.

thanks anne

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have pm'd u hope your feeling better soon huggles


If you have asthma and feel ill then it's natural to assume that the asthma is the cause. But you might be anaemic or have low thyroid levels or something else. Has your nurse/GP done basic blood tests to rule out other stuff ? Don't feel guilty about not taking your asthma seriously earlier, you could have controlled it brilliantly and the hormone changes at the menopause would still have messed it up.


thanks for your replys ,i think im just looking for something to blame it on as ive been having a really bad time recently,i can hardly even get up my stairs its a half set then a landing another half set i do one and wait on the landing for a moment then climb the next mountain,also does anyone know of any air freshener or oil burners i can use(i have hubby that smokes outsideor in dining room also 2 sons that smoke in there own room and i have a smelly dog) i really like incense but it doesnt half trigger my asthma really bad,any info please anne


Hi Anne,

I can't use most air freshners or perfumes but I do cope ok with the free standing white (although some are coloured) plastic containers with a gel type substance inside. I use those in the bathroom. They aren't strong but maybe they will take the edge off the smells. Hve you tried talking to your family about how them smoking indoors affects your asthma? You didn't say how long ago your mum died but some of your lowsy feeling could still be you grieving. I also didn't take my asthma seriously until last year and used to ignore my symptoms saying they would soon wear off. I still do sometimes. Hope you are feeling brighter again soon.

Love and hugs

Ange xx


My asthma started just after the birth of my third child (she is now 38) after a few years it went away, along with hay fever symptions. When I was 55 it all started up again so I wonder if it is through the menopause. My doctor at first said it was my pregnancy hormones that started the asthma off. Then I only had a medihailer for the symptions and I had lots of chest infections. I didn.t have any help at all not like now where I can call on my asthma nurse and have lots of drugs to prevent asthma attacks. I am just wondering if the menopause has started it all off again.


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