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Sorry whinge time(again!!!)

Really sorry to have a moan!

Having been off sick since the beginning of Nov. I was finally feeling much better and starting to go a few days without nebs. About a month ago I then got another virus and my asthma has been pretty bad since then. I find walking a nightmare and get really breathless and am back up to 40mg prednisolone again- however I've now not needed a neb for a day so that is good!The main reason for being fed up though is that last week I was diagnosed with high blood pressure(thanks to the steroids) so more tablets and then last night i was contacted by my Gp to say that I've got diabetes- which explains why I have been feeling so ill the last 3-4 weeks as apparantly my blood sugar reading was quite high. I'm seeing him monday and hopefully if they can get my sugars under control I will feel better. Steroids have a lot to answer for-Hmmmmm!!!

Sorry to moan!!!


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Don't know what to say, other tham moan away, it's what we're all here for.

Think once you get the diabetes under control you'll feel lots better.

My mum was diagnosed diabetic 2 years ago. Before diagnosis she wasn't feeling good at all, but just put it donw to advancing age. However now she's controlling it, she's loads better. She must be, she's started decorating again!!

Hope all goes well with you

Tracey x


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