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Advice needed!!!

I've just moved to uni and the asthma nurse here is useless. She told me that 1000 mcg of flixotide a day was a sky-high dose. Also because there hasn't been a significant enough change in my peak flow (it went from 250 to 350) she doesnt think that I actually have asthma. I was just wondering what else she could suspect. Bearing in mind that last time i went to see her she said that it was all in my head?!?!?!

Your opinion would be much apreciated cause I am so confused.

Em (as well!!!!)

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Hi Em,

I'm sorry you're having problems with your asthma nurse - it must be very confusing and frustrating to be told different things each time you go.

1000mcg of Flixotide a day is a moderately high dose, but not a sky-high one. The highest dose commonly used is 1000mcg twice a day, although many people with severe/difficult/brittle asthma may be on twice that.

I would class an increase in peak flow from 250 to 350 as significant - after all, that is a 20% rise. It is difficult, without knowing more about you and having access to your records, to imagine what other conditions she could be considering.

I'm a little confused that you state in your profile that you have brittle asthma, but that you appear to be being managed by your asthma nurse. Who made the diagnosis of brittle asthma? It can really only be diagnosed by a hospital respiratory consultant, preferably one who has an interest in severe/difficult/brittle asthma. You don't appear to be on anything like the maximum drug regimen, which again is odd and probably inappropriate management for a brittle asthmatic.

I would suggest that you see your GP rather than the asthma nurse and see what they suggest. If you are not having any luck, I would strongly suggest that you ask to be referred to a hospital specialist. If you do have brittle asthma, you are at increased risk of severe and even life-threatening attacks and you should be managed appropriately to reduce the risk of this. If you don't have brittle asthma, it is highly likely that you will be able to find a combination of medications that is helpful to you and allows you to achieve almost complete control over your symptoms.

Hope this helps and I wish you all the best.

Em H


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