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Imflammation on the ribs coursing asperation oin asthma?

I went back to see my doctor today as I have been having problems know with my asthma for 20 days straight. Back 16 days ago I put on 500mg Amoxicillion 3 times a day for 7 days, 80mg prednisalone for 5 days and was told to take 400mg of salbutamol 3 times a day and when required and 400mg Becotide 3 times a day for 10 days then go back down to my normal 200mg as required on the salbutamol and 200mg becotide twice a day. I was noticing a difference in my peak-flow when the 10 day period was up. 16 days ago my peak flow was ranging between 250-300 and was up to ranging between 380-420 which is slightly lower than my normal range of 400-450 but today at the doctors this morning it was back down to 300 and that was after a bad attack that took me having 5 puffs before I starting improving and then a took a 6th puff just to be on the safe side. Thsi happen 15 minutes before I saw the doctor and even though I explained what had happen he still insisted on listening o my chest and then said well there is no sign of a whhezy and your chest is 100% clear. So he examined my ribs as I have been expenencing pains in my ribs which I pout down to a pulled muscled due to the amount I have been coughing. Well he found a lump in my right breat right on top of the secon drib as you work down from the neck. It made me jump and scream because of the pain and all he did was gave me paracetamol and ibrufen (doesn't affect my asthma). He said and draw a diagram that there is section on the rib that is a bit of grissle that helps the ribs move when you breathe and that is inflammed. I hav enever heard of an inflammed rib before. I am so confused if it's not the asthma that is coursing me to get short of breathe and find it hard to breathe, horrid wheezy coughing and exhurstion then what is it? Can it surely be just the injury to the rib or could it be something more. Surely a low peak flow is more of a sign than a clear chet after having so much salbutamol? Wouldn't the salbutamol have made my chest sound clear at that point? I must be so stupid as I always believed that the salbutmol is a fast acting relaxed on the air way and it would lead to a clear sounding chest. I am only going ot give it the weekend and if ther eis still no improvement then I am going back to the doctors but this time I will make an appointment to see a different doctor and I will transfer unless I can see the lady doctor. He also said that the lump could also be one of my milk-dicts still working 11 months after my yougest son had his last breast-feed which I know can hppen and does happen but I know this is not what the lump is. My hubbie then reminded me when I got back from the doctrs that he imfpormed 4 days ago that he felt a lump in the right breast but because of my past history of drying up excessively slow he thought it was just a blocked milk duct

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Yes inflammation on ribs can cause problems with asthma.

I have just come away from a 12 day hospital stint where i had done similar to my ribs as you, fractured the muscles and gained a lump, everytime i breathed in it hurt like made, making breathing harder, therefore my peak flow lower and some days not even able to do it.

Now i have some pain in my ribs still and my peak flow is low due to this.

(no one panic am ringing my gp tomoz (mon))

So yes inflamed ribs can annoy asthma, as you use ribs to breathe.



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