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Magnesium Sulphate

Many of us get this as our first port of call when rushed into A&E.Did you know you can inhale it through the nebuliser?You have to mix it up yourself as it is only Epsom Salts after all, but have to get it plus the distilled water on prescription, but it is good stuff and saves overdosing on huge RDA's of enormous horse sized magnesium supplement pills.I am so happy I can now have this, as Mag Sul really works via IV for me.Anybody else using it???? I would welcome advice as the bubbles give me hysterical hiccups!

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Hi Sus,

is that medically recomended?

I often have it IV and it does work wonders!



HI all, I swear by the iv stuff but find it only works if i get it on time, i have had it daily when in itu and this kept me off iv ammminophyline. They mentioned nebbed magnesium but both the hospitals i go dont have a protocol so dont use it? anyone help got a protocol? would prefere nebbed as iv acess poor.




Sus this sounds really interesting and goes down the road of different hosps having different ways of doing things. My local have never suggested nebbed mag. How did you find out about this and is it a home thing or hosp thing?


Yes you can neb it (aparenly) but this was meant to be a silly joke with Sus and I with too much time on our hands - so sorry if it raised any false hopes to anyone especially Nutty



Hysterical hiccups upset a few peeps, sorry all of you in asthma land who like myself have clutched at any faint hope or whiff of a bit of relief from it all.

BTW have been asking around and you can use this safely, they do in USA, it does help some people, and I would be interested to know if you are using it as part of your treatment plan...


MgSO4 administration route

The efficiacy of iv MgSO4 has been demonstrated many times and the evidence is compelling. Use of the inhaled route, however, remains controversial. Some studies have shown benefit whilst others have not. As far as I am aware it remains experimental and thus is not used routinely. Oral magnesium supplements, again, have not been shown conclusively to be of benefit although given some of the evidence, it is tempting to believe they are.. Not a great deal of research has been done on oral Mg so recommenadations could change in the future.

Remember, also, that Mg can be toxic especially in those with impaired kidney function.


Soon they mayb a chap from Sheffield (s Goodacre i think) posting re Mag Sulph and a research trial , i am already involved and i know they are after more patients once it gets going so keep an eye oyt. Yes nebbed mag is available but more research is being dione on wether iv or neb is better.


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