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Useful iphone apps

I know not everyone has access to an iPhone and it might be awhile before they are availible on prescription :-) but I've found the following app useful for recording peak flow, symptoms, triggers and inhaler usage.

Also for keeping track of when to order a new preventer inhaler

The following is less useful but interesting

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oldestnewest is useful for keeping track of how many doses are left in inhalers without a proper dose counter, particularly useful for relievers. It costs £1.19 though.

Edit to add:

The one for keeping track of your preventer is great, it comes up with a reminder 5 days before you run out so that even if it's a weekend you'll have time to order a new one.

I didn't like the AsthmaMD app as the well/worse/critical colourbands did not seem to be customiseable even when you put your personal best PEF in, so despite PEF being around 60% of my PB I was still in the green zone (My PB is much higher than predicted) I guess I could ignore the colours, but they always made me feel like a fraud, like I shouldn't have been feeling *that* poorly. That was back in july though, so they could have updated it now I guess.


havent got one but that sounds like a really good idea


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