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Peak flow - anyone tried a digital meter/used a chart online or on computer?


I find the Asthma UK paper diary is awkward to use, not enough space & not much use for recording medication use. Has anyone seen one for use on a apple mac? Also is it worth getting a digital peak flow meter and can readings be transferred directly?

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I have never used a digital pf, but agree that many pf diaries are not ideal.

I have an iPhone App which I record all my pfs on which is pretty good.

I did once get recommended this as a digital peak flow: vitalograph.co.uk/products/...

Not the cheapest but is supposed to be good, don't know if any else on here has one.



I quite fancy this! I've read somewhere you can get a digital meter and plug it into your computer and download it. Also a digital peak flow meter is available on prescription? I'd like to get an app for my blackberry but reviews not that good. Considering going for an iphone when I can upgrade I've heard they are pretty good.

Sorry not much help!


PIKO 1 - and software

HI all,

I have used a digital peak flow meter called the PIKO 1 for several years now and would never go back to the old peak flows.

you can get them free on prescription

the PIKO1 is a lot smaller and can be set with your normal peakflow and then will give you a warning if its lower.

It also stores the last 50 results and can be plugged into a computer for the results to be downloaded.

I had the pc adapter and the software and found both to be really bad and a lot of money.

I now use software called my peak flow from here

my-health-software.com/view... (remove spaces)

its a great program, and when set up will flash a message on the screen to remind you to do your peakflow.

The software produces various graphs which can be printed out, and my Consultant loves them.

it also can record things such as medications, exersise done, coughing, wheeze level etc. and you can add extra custom notes etc to suit.

its costs $30 but you can try it for 15days for free. - I was so impressed with it I brought it after the 2nd day!



Thanks peakpete about the piko meter - will try that - but the software is only for windows and I have a mac. I did just find an Asthma Logbook so will try that. Don't have an iphone :( have to wait a few months until contract's up


I've used the vitalograph 1 for many years, bought it myself and it's really worth it because it's more accurate in my opinion. As for software, I like a software program called asthma assistant, if you google you'll find it. it's free but does require a reg code to be entered but thats on the site as well. I then take the laptop with me to the GP and asthma reviews.


yes TJ i struggle with the asthma uk one aswell and would like to try the digital one and to see if i can get it on prescription, but knowing my doctors they would not never heard of it as they are useless, like i have seen two spacers that are smaller and that i would find better to use, one was a very small one that is silver that i have seen in both asthma uk and BLF magazines, and said that it was aviable on prescription, i showed it to the doctor and they said he never heard of it and would of be able to get it, but he didnt even look on the system, also they havent even heard of the able spacer which i found shocking as i saw a asthma nurse at a asthma uk event and she had one, so can get it, pure laziness of the doctors not being bothered to check if can get it


I used freeware called Asthma Logbook X in the past which is for the Mac and I found it to be pretty user friendly. Additionally, the iPhone/iPod touch app AsthmaMD also has a very clean UI and I find it the most convenient method of recording PFs when I need to.

The Piko peak flow meter does have a dock and PC software available, bit I'm not sure there's a Mac version.


I got a Piko 1 digital peak flow meter recently and this also records FEV1. I find it really good, it is small and easy to use and seems to be reliable so far. I showed it to my consultant and he said that they were good. I am pretty useless at knowing what my peak flow is so I now carry it in my bag, which I would not do with the old one. I paid less than £20 including delivery for mine as I didn't know that you could get them on prescription. I think it has been worth every penny.

As far as paper diary goes I have my own version, which I cribbed from somewhere online and modified so that I can list all my meds and any other info that I need. Not state of the art, but cheap.


I use a piko 1 and an app on my iPhone which ends the data I record to my google health account which is free and can also be used to record tests etc at the hospital as well as all medication and loads of other things.

You dint need the app as you can also enter the data into google health yourself - just google for it and have a look.


Thanks everyone,

Have an asthma review appt Mon (1st time at this practice) so will be asking about a new digital peak flow meter.

Have a look at the BNF, free to register, bnf.org/bnf/bnf/60/2954.htm for meters that should be available on prescription. sinead18 all GPs should have the book of this too so no reason why you shouldn't get a new spacer as listed here bnf.org/bnf/bnf/current/295...

amszephyr, have just got the asthma logbook which is the only one I could find for the Mac, seems good so far.

Defo will hopefully get an iphone as soon as I can.

jpl1953, didn't know about the google health account so will check it out.


I used to have a Piko-1 meter and I thought it was a brilliant little device, my only problem was that mine broke :(


Digital peak flow meters


I have a standard mini - wright peak flow meter at the moment but I am going to go to the next week to see if I can get a digital peak flow meter on prescription.

I have had a really horrible winter with my asthma as I keep going down with chest infections every 3 weeks. I then have problems with my peak flow as it drops 250 my usal peak flow is 450. I have been on setroid tablets, seretide 250 and antibiotics.

I have been told now to monitor my peak flow morning and before I go to bed. The doctor has told me if my peak drops below 300 to start my steroid tablets.

My peak flow meter is very big and is not very good for taking out with me when I go out or when I go away on holiday.

Has anyone managed to get a digital peak flow meter on prescription?

Are digital peak flow meters easy to use?


After reading posts on this thread I decided to invest in a piko digital peak flow, picked oe up off of eBay for £18 inc p&p.

Superb little device, roughly the same size as a ventolin inhaler, very easy to use, comes in a little plastic case.

Perfect pocket size device.


@Sparkyrachel - I had a Piko1 peak flow monitor on prescription but found its scale was way off the Mini Wright one used by my GP so in the end we decided to return to a good old manual one. The Piko does have size on its side but I found it inaccurate.


Digital Peak Flow


I am going to see the doctor this Wednesday to see if I can get a digital peak flow on prescription. I have read somewhere that the piko 1 is not very accurate its readings. Does anyone find this?

I would like to get a vitalograph 1 but I am not sure if this is available on prescription?

If I cannot get it on prescription I am thinking about buying a vitalograph 1 but I have no idea as to how much it will cost? Has anyone got a vitalograph 1 and how accurate is it? How easy is it to understand? Can it be pluged it the computer?

Can anyone answer the above questions?



I was told all peak flow meters are different what is important is you use the same one. This will then give you an accurate % difference

This seems to make sense to me!


i have no idea of the name, but i seem to have gatherfed a small collection now of the peak flow meters they give you in costa!! when give one at diagnosis it was also th same one so have always used the same one. had about 4, but one broke- well it wouldnt work.. so threw it away...

but it would be nice to have a more compact, convenient one to carry with me as these are quite large arent they, even though they do fit in my bag, with all my meds!!! one more thing to carry lol.

but wanna make sure they are accurate tho, as dun wanna go taking any risks with being so brittle :S



Anyone got a digital peak flow on prescription?

I had no luck with getting a digital peak flow after asthma nurse review, they're hoping to get a new building so have to show 'financial efficiencies' and no longer get 2 months supply on 1 script. Will try again when see doctor next week or may have to get my own, would like to try and compare readings first. The usual mini-Wright is so bulky to take out/away with spacer, inhalers, tablets..


@Rachel You can get the Vitalograph Asma-1 on prescription and although I do have one I bought mine before they were a prescription item and will not set you back around £30. I find it very very good, at first i thought it was innacurate and sent it b


forgot to say, those who want online and also app to use on their phone, try obsmedical.com/

used to be T+asthma and was featured in the AUK mag a few years back for charting your peakflows.


Hello everyone, I went to the doctor on Wednesday to ask about getting a vitalograph asma 1 on prescription but it did not come up on their computer so they tried the piko 1 which said it was only available on private prescription. I am wanting to get a vitalograh even if I have to pay for it. myself. I do not have a bank card that allows me to order it over the internet. So I have been into the chemist to see if they can order me an vitalograph asma 1 they have taken my details so they can ring me with the details. Rachel


Digital peak flow meter

I have ordered a vitalograph asma 1 from the chemist. It has cost me £53.50 as they are not available on presciption. So I am hoping it is worth the money. I should be with me next week.



i have found exactly the same one for £35 not 53!!!!


also piko 1 is about £18 vat exempt xx



just 2 questions....

1. which is better option - vitalography asma 1 or piko 1 :S ????

2. can u get either one on prescription in london ?? maybe worth asking my gp if i can, hmmm... ?

thanks for any advice

x x x


Have ordered Piko1 due to size and cost, good to see yorkieiron, peakpete & others liked it. Just seen there is a digital version of the MiniWright meter which is the standard manual NHS one. Plan to compare both for a while.

Snowygirl, replied on another post, seems to be down to local practice and not just what's in the BNF what you can get on prescription.

Sparkyrachel, let us know what you think of the vitalograph.

Woody-som, thanks for link but couldn't see how you actually get it to use, is it only available to NHS on order?


both the piko and vitalograph are available on prescription, the piko has been available for several years as a prescription item and the vitalograph got added last year.

regarding the cost, the asma 1 comes in several versions, and the more expensive one may be the one with the computer link.

@TJ, no it's available to all, just click the box label 'asthma' then register, you do need a signup code, but that's easy to obtain by just emailing or phoning them, once you have the code you can create a user account and obtain the phone software and view the results and charts online, and you can provide acces to medical staff if you desire.


vitalograph asma 1

I have just received my vitalograph asma 1. I am just wondering how accurate the readings are as the a a little different for my peak flow meter that I got from the doctors. Wondering how other people find them? What does fv1 stand for? Can anyone help me. Rachel


New vitalograph asma 1 peak flow meter


I have just received my vitalograph asma 1. I am just wondering how accurate the readings are as the a a little different for my peak flow meter that I got from the doctors. Wondering how other people find them? What does fEv1 stand for? I am hoping this new peak flow meter will help me to manage my asthma better, as it has been very up and down over the last week. Can anyone help me.




Rachel - I just started using a digital FEV1/PEF meter and have found there is a little difference in the peak flow reading when compared to my old peak flow. I guess if you're just watching for trends it doesn't really matter as long as you only compare measurements from the same device. As for the FEV1, it is the Forced expiratory volume in the 1st second when you forcibly exhale. It is often considered a better indicator for asthma than PEF as it can detect more subtle changes in the airway.

On another note (and to those on the more severe end of the scale) do people who record both FEV1 and PEF find that their PEF varies more than their FEV1? I have found that my FEV1 stays between 2 and 1.4 ( 50%-32% predicted) while my PEF varies from 380-120 (between 70%-22% of predicted). Where my FEV1 might only drop from 2 to 1.8, my PEF drops from 360 to 200. Does anyone else get this kind of patten? I can't seem to figure out the direct correlation between FEV1 and PEF (except that they usually drop together).



Thank you very much Kate for your message regarding the digital peak flow meters. I am very happy with my vitalograph asma 1. Have set it up with my personal best it is a lot smaller than my old one. Asthma still not to good through. Rachel


Make sure that you are also using an AeroChamber spacer with your puffers.


Kate, like you I can't seem to get a direct correlation between PEF and FEV1. Infact I find they do totally opposite over a certain period when graphed they go in opposite trends.


I've found this peak flow discussion really helpful - I now understand what the PEFR and FEV mean. However, I am still wondering about the '86% predicted' which appears after the above letters whenever I get a letter from the hospital after my child's appointment. I did ask once, and it was explained - I was too embarrassed to say I still didn't understand!!!

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.


Penelope, does that not mean that when your son did the lung function tests, his scores were 86% of the predicted scores of someone his age/height/etc?


That would make sense! Thanks for your help.



Last weekend I ordered my new yearly pack for nebuliser and thought whilst I was on there I would look at the digital peak flows. Ordered myself one and the packs arrived but no peak flow meter. On a slightly diferent note does anyone else find that in a whole years pack you get four masks and only one mouth piece. Does anyone else wish this was a choice?


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