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inhalers and nosebleeds?


has anyone had their inhalers changed and then got loads of nosebleeds?

my 4yr old was changed was from orange to purple inhalers at the end of jan, and since then he has hd at elast 1 nosebleed a week, but usually 3 or 4.

i'm not saying it is the inhalers for definate but it just seems like it. i wrote in diary when he was changed and when he has had nose bleeds and they started just over a week after his inhalers were changed.

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I had nosebleeds before asthma. would be wise to say to doctor. What stops mine is cold compress on back of neck. ENT at hospital coterise the nose but a trip to local pool and the chlorine does the same job and no discomfort. I could go a year between trips to pool with no bleeds. was at ent 8+ times per year. Was my consultant that sugessted swimming. My Mum can't swim so she got me lessons.


I get loads of nosebleeds, and having been through every probable cause with my GP we've decided it's down to the inhalers, so there's not much that can be done. She did suggest putting a little Vaseline inside the nostrils with a cotton bud to sooth it, but I find this affects my breathing, so only tend to do it if the bleeds get really bad.

Interesting about the swimming - I haven't been able to swim for ages with my asthma, and actually the nose bleeds do tie into that time, so maybe I'll see what if there's a way I can do just a little swimming and see if it helps.


thanks for replies. i took son to doctors and the doc thinks i am right that its linked to inhalers - bearing in mind he has to take them through a spacer and therefore as he's breathing it in, some through nose its irritating the nose lining.

doc had a good look up his nose and saidd there is nothing major that needs cauterizing etc. he has changed inhalers again though to see if it makes a difference.


this is now starting to do my head in (and its not me having nosebleeds!) son had 5 on fiday so we went docs, altered inhalers. he had 2 on saturday, 1 sunday and 3 today. rang docs and asthma nurse rang me back. she wasnt pleased i had seen a doc who changed sons inhalers and she certainly doesnt think the inhalers are causing nosebleeds!!!

son is 4 and has a mouth/nose bit on his spacer. even if he breaths in through his mouth some is going to go up hs nose. when people ""snort"" drugs, they get nosebleeds from where the nasal tissues are being da,maged. this is what i think is happening to my son. but asthma nurse says no!

now i have no idea what to do or who to speak to for help/advice. i have searched net and got mixed answers some say yes some no. i have spoken to ppl with asthma and many have said this did happen when using spacer. son is getting very fed up and idont blame him -

any ideas please?


changed spacer


i went and bought son a spacer that has a mouth piece not the face mask as my docs said he wasnt old enough to be able to use 1 so wouldnt issue it.

he has been using it for 2weeks and we have had no nose bleeds!!! (YAY!) so this confirms to me it is where he was inhaling through his nose and the inhaler contents were irritating him.

yes it took a few days for him to get hang of the spacer but he is doing ok with it. now just got to convice the docs and asthma nurse!


I got nosebleeds on seretide 125. None on Symbicort. Back on the seretide again but seretide 250 this time and yes, the nosebleeds are back. Bathroom looked like an axe murderer had been running loose as I tried to stem the flow with a sheet of toilet paper while trying to find something better. Of course this all had to happen as we were getting ready to go out and were late already. I'd to change my top after all that. LOL


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