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Large Airway Wheeze

I'm trying to find a way to describe what I mean by this! On the whole my asthma is mild and well controlled, but at times when I've kept a Peak Flow Diary, I never really see a lot of change in my scores unless I've got a URT infection.

However, sometimes when I feel wheezy, the wheeze seems to be at the top of my airway (feels like my throat and/or high in my chest) - and it doesn't seem to give me a low peak flow reading when this happens. When I take my inhaler, it feels like the drug has 'missed' the place I need it to work, because I often need to take a few puffs to feel a benefit.

I'm sure its not psychological, so why does this happen?

More importantly, has anyone else experienced this?

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there is something called VCD vocal cord dysfunction which can mimic asthma casuing a wheeze soun in your throat which may be the reason why you pf 's are ok but still wheezing .. sory dont know too much on the subject but theres lots of info on the net if u wana do a lil reaserch

katie xxx


Hi Spaniel,

could also be err mucous or phlem at the top of your throat too!

There are some old threads here on VCD = have a look there and see if anything matches symptom wise!

Take care



I had that wheey thoat thing once partly from a reaction to ciagarette smoke and partly cause I was comming down with a cold, it felt like my throat was closing and was really scary, and I don't always have low peak flows when my asthma is bad there have been many occasions when I have felt really chesty and wheezy and my peak flow had been ok I think it just depends of the person, some people have lower or higher peak flows then others so they are not always an accurate way of judging how bad your asthma is, they can also cause bronchospasm.

also I often missfire when using my ventolin so I usually take it though my spacer when I'm bad or it takes ages for me to feel better! so maybe using a spacer might help you.


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