Anyone aware of a minimum age for flu jab

Hi everyone

I phoned the docs this morning to book my little girls flu jab. I was told to book it by her consultant before he retired last month.

Anyway a slightly jumped up receptionist told me she was too young at 3 and a half and passed me onto the asthma nurse. She also said that she felt Holly was too young and even though I explained that her consultant suggested it and that she spent most of last winter in hospital, she just wouldn't wear it.

We've got an appointment at hosp in another fortnight and I've got to have their written approval before the docs will give her it. I was just wondering if anyone else was aware of an age limit on these jabs.

Perhaps its because Holly doesn't attend the docs for treatment very often and usually we just deal direct with the hospital and attend there on a monthly basis now, maybe they just don't have an understanding of how bad she is. I just know that I can't take another winter like last year. And she certainly can't either.



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  • Hi Anne, My son first had the flu jab when he was three, they gave him a half dose for a couple years and then the proper dose when about six.


  • Hi....your daughter should be able to have flu jab at appropriate dose for her age. as she is under 12 she will need 2 doses - seperated by a 4 week period for this year and just one dose each year thereafter. Dependant on her history she may also be eligible for pneumococcal jab. Where she attends for review is irrespective...if she is on inhaled steroids she is eligible. I will check on minimum flu age tomorrow and get back to you just for your info...hope this helps

  • Hi

    My son wasnt aloud to have the flu jab until he was 4 just had the 1 dose and now he has it every year

  • hello - checked one of the brands we can be given from 6 months!

  • Thanks cma and everyone else

    Her steroid doses have been put down just now because she's doing so well. She only gets 2 puffs of seratide 125 twice daily now along with her singulair and other stuff but at least I know now that she should get the flu jab and that she's entitled to it. I can go into the docs armed with info now. She's got hosp appointment a week today so hopefully it should all get sorted out then.


  • Wonder of this might be any?

  • Just to re-iterate - flu jabs are licensed for anyone with the appropriate indications from the age of 6 months of age.

  • Hi everybody and thankyou so much for all your info.

    Holly had her hospital appointment yesterday morning and cos her usual cons has retired we seen a new doctor. She was absolutely horrified when I told her that the nurse in my gp's surgery needed written confirmation so that Holly could get the flu jab. She reiterated evrything that you have told me and phoned our gp surgery.

    After some very harsh words to the nurse we were told that Holly had an appointment that afternoon and she would be getting the jab.

    She also told us that because Holly's asthma's been relatively well controlled just now that they won't be adding anything else on to her meds and that she doesn't need to go back for three whole months. (hooray)

    Anyway she got the jab that day (screamed the place down) and she's not had any side effects so far and now I just need to talk her into going back again in 4 weeks for another one.

    Wish me luck cos I think I'm gonna need it to get her to go back for more.

    Thanks again everybody



  • Hi Anne,

    Pleased she got it and that your new cons sounds good! Good luck and hope Holly's asthma remains relatively controlled!

    Cal x

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