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I usually post on the parents bit but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about zafirlukast. My 4 year old daughter's cons said yesterday that if upping her current meds doesn't stabilise her asthma then he would put her on this.

She's on 2 puffs 125 seratide morning and night (to be raised to 3 puffs morning and night) and also gets 4mg singulair morning and 5mg at night. I've tried to read up on it and its supposed to be licensed for 12 year olds and over but the consultant said her condition warrents it. From what I've read it seems to be very similar to singulair. Does anyone know any different or any more



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  • hi

    my step sister takes this she has it in the drug form . it is also called Accolate and used to help prevent an attack. it works in the same way as singulair but if that drug is not working then this one may worked my step sis is better in this, hope your daughter meds are working.

    hope this helped spider

  • Accolate is the sister drug to Singulair and as such works in a very similar way.

  • Indeed - Accolate is the ""brand name"" for the drug zafirlukast in the same way that Singulair is the ""brand name"" for the drug montelukast. As you can probably tell from their drug names, they both do a similar thing in a slightly different way. They are ""leukotriene inhibitors""; leukotrienes being in some way (sorry I can't be more specific) linked to the inflammations that cause asthma.

  • singulair and zafirlukast work well as Peaksteve said in inflammtion in the lungs mostly caused by allergies. Does your daughter react to pollen, animal hair, foods?

  • Hi everyone and thanks for replying

    She does react to pollen and pet hairs but not as badly as she used to. She had a really calm period for a while but I think the winters took its toll on her cos she is sliding backwards just now.

    Do you think that the singulair has stopped working as well now and thats why he's going to switch her over to the other one. It just seems a bit strange that they both do the same thing and yet when he was explaining it he said he would keep her on the singulair while she began taking the zafirlukast and then stop it to see if there was an improvement. Is this usually the case when they introduce new meds. Sorry about all the questions but its another new consultant shes got and I felt that he was getting quite impatient with all my questions.



  • Hi anne.

    I discussed this very briefly with the brompton at the end of last year when i was swapped from montelukast (singulair) to zafirlukast (accolate). I have noticed some response to zafirlukast. I had no response to singulair after the 3rd go at trying it and even at double the prescribed dose!

    Apparently more people respond to zafirlukast than montelukast research has shown. I personally thought I'd give it a go as it's not steroid based.

    Also leukotriene receptor agonists...which is what these drugs are, attempt to block part of the inflammatory pathway. All other drugs treat the resulting inflammation asthma.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Emily x

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