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S/C Ventolin infusion & drug availability


This is a query mainly aimed at people on s/c infusions via syringe drivers.

I use IV Ventolin 5mg ampoules in my infusion as it suits me better than the IV Bricanyl (Less volume and less cramps etc)

My last prescription was one box (five days worth) short as the manufactures (GSK) were rationing it!

Fortunately I came off my s/c for a few weeks. I picked up the final box from that script nearly a month late!

But this week, when I went to collect my Ventolin and it was two boxes short. Manufactures rationing again and saying they can't provide more than the 4 boxes a month = 20 days worth! I am now 10 days short. It is Boots who are having this problem with the manufacturer / distributer and they are ringing daily to try to complete my script.

Therefore in a couple of weeks time, I could be without any Ventolin.

I think this is just with the IV Ventolin that there is rationing - is anyone else having problems?

I feel there could be a big problem if I run out - nebbing one hrly would be unacceptable though I suppose if it came to It I could use IV Bricanyl - Not Ideal!

Anyway, sorry for the rant!



PS for those who don't know s/c is a last resort treatment for difficult / brittle asthma so those on normal inhalers etc.... don't panic!

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Hi Kate

I use Boots and picked up my repeats today including sc Bricanyl and there was no mention of any problems.

I have had problems in the past getting hold of meds for a neurological condition I have and the manufacturers just did not make any for 4 months or so. I had to try another drug which I had an allergic reaction too and ended up in hospital and the only solution was for me to have lumbar punctures every week for the 4 months which really were not the most pleasent things in the world LOL!!!!

Maybe contact your consultant who may not be aware of the problem and he could sort something out for you? I know my neurologist was fantastic, he used the hospital pharmacy supply etc for me and exhausted every avenue. I am assuming the ventolin you use for sc is the same used in IV so your chest unit would have it, as a last resort you could ring them for some to tide you over maybe?

Its just is not good enough is it? Really cant see manufacturers ratiioning other meds ie insulin or heart meds.

Sorry for the rant but I hope you get your meds with as little hassle as possible, its bad enough having to take it all without having to run round to get it!

Take care

Almo X



Boots are on to the case.

It isn't like it is an expensive drug!



Kate this is a ""boots"" issue they have it with many drugs especially the rarer ones. If you can switch to ASDA they have 4 stockists Boots only have 1.



Thanks Bex, though my nearest Asda is a 20 mile round trip and I am not even sure it has a pharmacy as there is a small independnedt one next to it.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

I also have a choice of Lloyds and a couple of other independent pharmacists.




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